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[LFP] 5E Monday/Thursday EST


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I DM a home-brew campaign for friendly players through my discord server rather than Roll20 and am looking for more players, experienced or new, to join. I plan to play Monday/Thursday at 5:00 pm EST. (can possibly play any other time if all players are ready and willing). Add me on discord as I will most likely not check back on this forum. Discord name - MasterSpoonsei#6763 (case sensitive). We will play loosely on 5E. Any race/class is accepted but don't pick anything exotic like angel or soul reaver please. The campaign will be really long, expect to play for a few months. I have it separated into acts. I'm looking for fun players, not memers who want to joke around the whole time. As said above, I plan to play Monday and Thursday but we can play any day as long as all the players are ready. I DM with a balance of story and combat so be ready to roleplay. Voice chat is optional, I myself will not be using voice chat. I'm looking for a party of about 4-6 players, class comp is up to you guys and gals. The rules are stated in my discord server, play nicely and most of all have fun! Link to discord:
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