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Shaped Sheet with Matt's Door Script

Is anybody using this script with the Shaped Sheet? Have figured out the basics of getting the door to open and close, but haven't had much luck getting the find and remove traps or pick locks to work. The Script allow you to change the stat the script checks against- statusDoors.attribFindHidden = "Perc"; statusDoors.attribOpenLocks = "TT"; statusDoors.attribFindTraps = "FT"; statusDoors.attribRemoveTraps = "TT"; There isn't a spot on the shaped sheet I have found for Thief's Tools. So I set up a new skill. But replacing TT with Thief's Tools doesn't seem to work. Any thoughts?
Sheet Author
API Scripter
See the  documentation for the shaped sheet about accessing from a repeating section. "repeating_skill_$11_total" will give you perception's total bonus "repeating_skill_$####_total" will give you the bonus of thieves' tools if you replace the #### with the number it is in the list (starting from 0)
Unfortunately the script cannot work with repeating skills. Matt is taking a look at it  to see if the script can be updated to use them.