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Looking for 2 more players for Friday game at 5pst/8est


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Campaign setting is forgotten realms. Horde of the dragon queen. Currently third level. Replacing two players who flaked out. A few home rules, but mainly standard rules. 5th edition. Currently the party is a monk, a bard, and a ranger. Any race or class in the players handbook. Experienced players and a DM. Please do not inquire if you aren't willing to show up EVERY Friday, or close to it. We generally play 4-5 hour sessions. Mature players only please. No drama!
I would like to know could new players to the game join is so then can i join?
Me and my friend are looinking for a game, hes new. But I've played at least 3 campaigns with a little experience dming. Our characters are wizard and a warlock.
Yes, new players who come in with a positive attitude are welcome. Zix, the DM would need to go over things with you and your friend (Im advertising for our group). Shoot me a tell, and i will hook you up with our discord information. Hades, we would be willing to take up to three new people, to allow for one person not being able to make it, or a diverse party. Send me a tell, and I can shoot you the information too.
I'd love to play, I've had an idea for a half orc warlock that I've been dying to tryout.  Let me know if you need more info.
Well, first serious players that can commit that my DM approves of will get in the game. Gotta send me a tell however, and i will give you info and try to arrange a meet.
Hey I'm new but very excited to start playing in a regularly meeting group. I can play whatever class will help the group and I'm very every weekend. If it's possible let me know and I'll be there!
Any serious player, please send me a tell. That way I can set up a day and a time to talk to you, set up your characters, etc.