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Druidic Realms set 1: The forest floors

Russ H.
Marketplace Creator
It's no secret among my fellow creators that we love plants...and the interaction of good and bad plants in various areas.  Set 1 brings plants of forest floors to GM's who want to add a bit more lush foliage to their maps, or to help hide hidden doors, traps and other key elements for their players. Create small trails or large swaths of plants to fill in blank areas. Several premade paths with plants along the sides create quick pathways, or use the 20x20 sample map for a one-off adventure with the concealed door in the forest floor. We've also added some scattered light and shadow patches to give that little extra touch. As always, we hope you enjoy! Use with Scene Additions maps, or with other top down maps!
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
Looks good!  Need to get Stephen to pick up a copy and fix the drought that has been plaguing his campaign.. =D
David Hemenway
Marketplace Creator
Love this set Russ! Amazing job on the variety and realism.
Russ H.
Marketplace Creator
Thanks guys! Working on the next set of plants now! glad this set has been well received so far. Hoodalolly!