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Radio in UserOptions and/or CSS show/hide divs based on select

I have been looking through some example of UserOptions (Defaults for sheet values in Campaign Settings) and have not found a working example of setting a radio input.  Is this possible and if so what would the JSON look like? Could you set it up as a select in UserOptions but have it actually be a radio in the sheet?  In my case CSS wizardry means it has to be a radio unless there is a way to display/hide divs based on a select value I don't know about.
Figured out a way to work around these issues/questions.  I have a select which will via sheet worker set the radio.  This lets me have the values in the radio plus another default per other field value.
Sheet Author
API Scripter
Just a remark: every CSS trick that works with a radio also works with a checkbox, and checkboxes are often more convenient to work with because you can duplicate them all over the place without a headache.. Just in case you didn't know...
Sheet Author
API Scripter
If the name of your select is the same as the name of your radio button group (and the radio inputs have the same values as your select's options), you don't even need a sheet worker; Roll20 will sync them automatically.