[LFG] [EST] [Weekdays] New Player!

Hello all, thanks for dropping by my thread! Let me tell you a little about myself, I guess. I'm a 30 (31 very soon) year old female who hasn't played much D&D in her life, except for a few home made games when I was about 17 with a small group of friends. We were always sort of lenient with the rules as we focused more on the adventure and how things happened instead of the combat. The books I used back then ranged from 2.5-4th edition and I will admit that I don't remember any of the rules. Availability: I'm EST based, but usually have more free time during the late day/evening through into night. I can easily keep up with a PST group. Weekdays are open, Saturday and Sunday are not likely to be free for me. Style of game: Text posts or Voice chat, I don't own a webcam so it's out of the question. I do have discord. Settings I have interest in: High fantasy or modern. (Most of my experience with D&D is Forgotten Realms, I've played a few of the games and have read quite a few books associated with the setting. Modern would be nice for spooky, supernatural, and mystery but I'm not into superheroes.) I'm perfectly content with worlds and settings that are made by someone! I don't need a pre-made world and since I'm going to be learning the rules anyways I'm pretty open to any of the rule sets. Once I get enough practice in playing I might have to GM some myself, though I'm not sure how I feel about all the maps and everything that people use now. I guess I'm a bit old school, haha. I'm okay with 'mature themes' of violence, gore, and horror, that being said I'm not okay with extremely sexual content. Less so if younger people are involved in the group, so I'm really looking for a group of fellow adults to play with who don't mind being a bit laid back so I can learn my way around. If you have any questions for me, or suggestions for groups, just let me know! Thank you all for your time, and hope you enjoy your games!
Hello, sent you a PM (should be top right of the screen in case you can't find it).