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Etiquette/Common Courtesy

Sorry if this is the wrong spot for this but was the closest I could find. I joined a game.  We did character creation and played the first session.  I had fun, and thought the game went well.  The GM cancelled the second session.  The third session was supposed to be this morning.  Logged on to find the game missing from my Roll20 page, and Discord.  There was no message from the GM explaining why.  I have tried to contact him but he blocked me on Roll20 and Discord.  This leaves me wondering if the GM just called off the game or if I did something he or the group did not like.   Please have the common courtesy to send an explanation if you call a game or boot someone.  You can always block them after the explanation, but if you don't give reasons things can not improve.  Yes, some may harass you but if they were that type it would happen even without the explanation. Perhaps I am just venting but this is not the first time something like this has happened.
I've had two different GM's do this to me and my wife and the other players in the groups. One bailed on us after three sessions and the other after just one. Deleted their campaigns, discord server, and didn't respond to any messages from anyone in the groups. 
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I have this problem with players too lol I think all around, people can be pretty selfish, and that given the anonymity of online play - there's not accountability. We really need a rating system for both GMs and Players.

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Yep.  Since joining Roll20 2 years ago, the problem hasnt been the software as mush as the community.  Dont take that personally as we should have read "How to be a better player" in the back of any role playing book.  And with all the online resources now on what to do - which is basically communicate.  Sadly online cell phones and on technology give us an easy out to escape.  Perhaps Roll20 needs a rating system for its members?  I would hate to see that kind of system implemented (1 star to 5 stars) with does this person show up?  I was bitter after Roll20 Con as 20% of the players who signed up showed up.  Meaning just one in each.  No word from any of the others as to why. One player did write me the other day asking "Is this still happening?"  Um game was last month dude.  He said he ha computer problems.  Okay well. Cell phone and a text or other message would of worked too. I mean just communicate.  If dont like something or have concerns - talk it out.  I know its awkward and it can be difficult, shouldnt be but often is.  But it has to be done of games and relationships are just going to fail. Example Matt Mercer's GMTips on Youtube.  Or Taking20 by Cody for Roll20.  Or Matt Coleville or Chirs Perkins, all seasoned GMS with good advice. Just one of many great tips on having better games and sessions.  
Giger said: I have this problem with players too lol I think all around, people can be pretty selfish, and that given the anonymity of online play - there's not accountability. We really need a rating system for both GMs and Players. Players are easier to replace at least. Though I disagree with a rating system due to how useless they are and how abused they can be.

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I used to teach college before I entered the corporate world.  My brief-ish time teaching taught me that student evaluations, as a whole, were not only worthless but less than worthless.   In theory, they are a great idea.  In reality they are manipulated easily and not by conscious direction.  Math, for example...the best evaluations of the entire department barely reached the average of the college as a whole.  Why?  People don't like math and the math department is forced to teach classes required by other departments (looking at you Business college) and the students can only blame YOU for their forcing them to take such disgusting stuff they hate.  Besides that, we showed that the evaluation was 98% correlated with grade given.  98%.   Look at that again.... 98%!  Therefore, easy graders were regarded as the best teachers by the college.  Guess what happened.  There essentially was no difference between grade given and your evaluations.  Therefore, teachers were in full control of getting whatever evaluation they desired by the grades they assigned. Now players are not students and they are fully capable of grading their referees/DMs but I can't help but wonder if some sort of distortion would happen as with teachers above.  It won't be the same...but you never know what will distort. Even if players gave fully accurate evaluations with a scale score then what?  A DM gets a score average of 3 out of 5 for his last few games.  How does that help?  He will probably just give up and the last thing we need is less referees/DMs. What I would like to see is a culture of feedback where players WRITE a short message to their referee/DM where they say what they liked and where they say they would like changed/improved.  I know this advice would be much more helpful to me.  
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Also, a DM/GM that gets too many low scores could simply make a new account, or make puppet accounts to vote themselves up. A rating system would quickly be invalid. On the flip side, if players had ratings, how quickly would it become "Don't bother applying to this campaign unless you have 5-stars". All it would take is a single disgruntled DM to ruin your already slim chances of getting into a game.
I agree people can be jerks. People in groups can also get upset at each other too which ruins the game. Happened to me dozens of times. I agree internet is just to easy to put a false face on or just walk away if something you don't like happens. I don't agree with rating system with what has been said to easy to abuse. Though having a feed back system would be good, but it would have to be heavy moderated to make sure its fair. In the end though its the internet it comes with good and bad and you just have to accept both if you use it.
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