[LFG] Star Trek Adventures

Hoping to find an active and friendly group that is running Star Trek Adventures.  Preffereably around TNG or DS9 era
what night and time zone are you looking for?
any time after 8pm ET except monday nights
I am seeking to set up a Star Trek Adventures game, but I just bought the rules yesterday. The Era I am planning for would be Original Series.  Not sure what night. Also not sure how long it would take to collect players.  I am playing in a game that is starting this week to learn the rules in actual play.
Late night might be nice
I am doing demos of the game at conventions.  I would like to play in a group as well. 1
I am hoping for at least TNG era only because it opens up playable races more.  I suppose there could be exchange programs for non-starfleet species sorta like Enterprise
What kind of Race would you like to play, Brandon?
Looking at maybe Wednesday nights, EST?  I know another player my Conan GM who specifically asked me for perhaps wednesday nights. I am still reading the book. I am in a different Trek game here on roll20 as a player. I have run Trek since FASA Days for years, plus Last Unicorn for years, and A little bit of decipher. The reason I like Original Series is because it is more pure science fiction, less politics, more go here and see some really crazy over the top stuff.  lots of action and fistfights and stuff.  I liked TNG a lot, but it would be more politics, and restraint.   I have seen a few episodes of  DS9.  Though i liked it, I was not as much into it. Voyager was cool, but I want the Orginal Series Human solution to problems, not just "realign the shield matrix polarizer"  bam, enemy surrenders.
This would start in a few weeks, I need to read the book, set a time all of that.  So I am not going to run this tonight. This would be aboard a Starship, not a base, Late Original Series Era. Late 2270. NCC-1895 U.S.S. Endeavour One of the most famous names in the Starfleet. This vessel has been converted to Enterprise Class from Constitution Class, to be deployed to the Taurus Reach region near the Klingon and Tholian borders, operating from Starbase 47 'Starbase Vanguard'. Constructed as one of the Bon Homme Richard subclass. After concluding her five year mission in 2270, Endeavour was one of a few Constitution class given a life extension with PB-60 warp nacelles until the new Enterprise subclass refit was ready, including Essex, Yorktown and Constitution.
That does sound like a cool idea.  I suppose to fit that era more maybe I could be Andorian? i'm not against being human for the story sake though.  i admit i love the political side of the federation but it's no fun if you don't have a bar fight with Klingons every so often.
 I am very interested.  Let me know more when you are ready
Andorian is fine. Any other race requests?  I want to hear from a few people to nail down a time.  I will start building a sector and planets for adventure.
The ship will be about to complete a 6 month refit, after returning from a five-year mission.  I plan to fully implement the supporting character rules.  
I would be interested, never played Star Trek before.
Wedsneday evenings are fine for me.  Preferrably 7pm EST or later
yes, it would be Wednesday evenings, EST. I want to see if we can get 4, 5 or 6 people. I will reserve  one spot for  another player.   He already asked to join if I was going to run it on Wednesdays. I need to see what times he can deal with, EST.
Also, I do not have rules or .pdfs of rules. Sharing here is against the EULA.  I have my own rule book.  You can play without rules, if not, you will need to get with me to make a character. I am looking for friendly people that get along, that like Star Trek, no control freaks, or manipulators. The spirit of Cooperative play, Star Trek.
No problem with that.  I like chill games the most.  Also I have the pdf so once we have an idea of who wants what roles I will make my character
I'd be extremely interested to participate if there is still room.  I just got the rulebook last week, and I've been jonesing to get into a Star Trek group for quite awhile.  If you still have any room and would like a friendly, mature player who is looking for a fun experience in the Star Trek universe, let me know.

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Yes, Terry H, there is room, we have not formed a group yet. I just got done playing my first session of these rules via roll20, and I understand the intent of the rules.  Super narrative system, much like the older Fasa, but going in a different way.  Much more free form than Last Unicorn Games. Potential Players: Brandon A. Shannon S. Kelley F. Patrick F. Terry H. The Era is Late TOS, / Early Movies Era. I do not plan to follow Strict Canon, but I will not deviate from it all that much. A player Captain will need to be level headed, and not a martinet / authoritarian style leader. Player Characters of Senior Rank will not be allowed to engage in Heirarchical abuse of junior personnel within the game. Also, though characters may conflict, players must get along in harmony and the spirit of equality that is Star Trek. No potential players with  Power/Control/Dominance Issues. Those are my conditions.  Does any player wish to play a race other than Human? I do not care if players portray non human races, and they can be whichever gender they choose. I absolutely do not want anything like I look like a Vulcan, but I am a secret Romulan Spy aboard. Nor do I want a design your own race that is a Jedi PC with Force powers that would properly belong in Star Wars. We can do lifepath or we can do discover characters as we go.  The former is more codified and set, the latter is more flexible, but we will need to work together more. Let me know your thoughts, and then I will start getting this together. An actual game won't happen this week, I am still reading rules. I want to get some kind of character design session together.  Then write the adventure for those characters.

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Josh "Absolute Zero : "I would like to play either the Captain, Chief Engineer, or Chief of Security depending on what others are interested in."  is 9:30 EST to late to start? Input from anyone else?
Did we ever pin a time down?
I believe the discussion is looking at 9:30pm EST
that works for me. how about everyone else? 9:30 PM to say midnight? EST Hard stop at midnight, or if we reach a stopping point before, stop? Josh asked can people make it to a session zero tomorrow night? like 20 something hours from now?
looking for input, been up all night, noon here getting some sleep will be reading all night.
9:30 sounds good to me. Not sure I can this wendsday however, I made plans for it last week, well before I saw this thread.
That time-frame is good for me, as well.  I could even do a little earlier if we wanted a longer session (I'm in PST).  I'm fine with a player captain, and I would be open to playing any of the other roles.  I'm not picky, just excited to be playing.  

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Shannon, yes no problem. I want to take at least a week's time between character generation and starting to give me time to finish reading the rules, and write the scenario and I understand that this is a sudden shift into potential character generation. so what we can do is we can generate characters and then I'll give you a briefing on what do we have, with the idea Shannon what kind of roles would you like? We can keep one or two open if you have a primary role that you would like.

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Roles, please sound off with your preferences so I can get an idea of what we're going to be doing.

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I got a few hours sleep I'm going to keep reading the rest of the day and we'll shoot for a kind of session zero I'll set up clock calendar thing we're looking at 16 hours from now maybe something like that. again I do not share PDFs, but if you don't have PDFs I can help you  to generate your character. I'm look at life path unless you guys want to do the discovery as we play Method. I'm happy with players choosing there race and choose or roll the rest of it as you like. I definitely want to see connections between characters. I'm going to run this in a very narrative style and I'm hoping the players will Step Up to the example that I'm going to try to set. There will be a lot of supporting characters at all levels. Welcome to My Mind.
Got more sleep, up again. going to go out to dinner, after that will be awake until Game Session zero start time. 9:30 PM EST Wednesday. Sending the game link.
Game link is sent to all in this thread.  I know it is early AM There in USA. I will be working on stuff here.   Probably last post here in this thread. Good luck to all.
Hmm I dont think I got the link
As I am the one missing, I am happy to fill whatever is left. No biggy for me.
A few players showed up early to generate PCs.

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We now have 6 players, 5 With Characters. Is anyone out there in roll20 land looking to try this out for one session? Perhaps to portray a Supporting character in a Narrative style game set in the early Star Trek Films (Wrath of Khan) era ? Campaign Starts this Wednesday night, 9:30 EST . Launching from the  Orbital Shipyards above Earth after completion of Refit, on a Diplomatic Protection Mission to Vulcan, escorting members of the Federation Security Council, and their protection detail, for the ship's post-refit shakedown cruise.  

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I just posted my Star Trek Adventures game. I have experience with the system and I have the book, I've had it since Gencon and the PDF before that. I also like my buddy ordered the Borg Cube, yeah I know crazy. But either way if your interested let me know. I am not sure how to post in the LFG section for a game that is not listed on the Roll20 drop down. I am looking at a JJ Abrams Version on TOS, but it will nto be true TOS as the ships, and objects of this world have already been greatly affected by outside influences. So who knows where that will take the ships crew. Do you have what it takes to Journey into the unknown and explore, negotiate, fight, and survive in a brave new world. "To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before"  Oh this is going to be EST 2100 Saturdays, unless schedules need to change and will be alternating weeks. I run a Song Of Ice and Fire game the opposite weeks.
Thanks for writing in ... my game died about a month ago because I'm in the middle of a separation / divorce