Character Vault Import/Export Dynamic Lighting Question


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In my adventure (Curse of Strahd purchased package), the players have built up the characters in another home grown adventure. I'm GM for both. When I import a character from the home grown adventure into the character vault, and then export into CoS, the dynamic lighting properties for the individual character don't seem to carry over. I do have defaults set at the game level, and those populate correctly when I place a character on a map in CoS.  But those default values aren't the right ones for all characters, so I then have to go in and customize each of those characters on each map, which is a nuisance during play. Is there a way to maintain the dynamic lighting settings for an individual character when imported into and exported from the vault so that when I drag/drop the character on a map all those settings carry over? Thanks!
Here is what I would try:  in the source campaign, remove the token from the character sheet, make sure the token has everything set the way you want, and re-load it.  Try to port across campaigns with the freshly loaded token and see if that works.