Can you have a character sheets fields based off another character sheet?

Hi helpful Roll 20 community! I have a D&D character with a lot of minions. These minions share my characters' defenses and half my hp. Is there a way to put an attribute from my character's sheet into the field of one of my minion's sheet? Or, have it so the token's bars represent a different character's attributes? Thanks!
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You can actually do this in most sheets. For instance, you could enter in a field, (@{Trevor|HP|max}/2) in say, Minion 1's sheet, if your character's name were Trevor. Now, with some sheets, this may not work as well for certain fields, since some of the more common numerical trackers are listed as type="number" which won't allow you to enter non-numerical values in them. But, in said case, you could use virtually any text accepting box that you weren't already using for something else to track this, by then calling, @{Minion 1|textbox} *example* in an output-to-chat macro of sorts.
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You could also use the attributes and abilities tab to add custom attributes to the minions such as: Attribute name: Minion HP, value: floor(@{ masters name |hitpoints}/2) Attribute name: Minion AC, value: @{ masters name |armourclass} etc etc Might get a bit tedious having to do it for LOTS of minions but should only be a one time thing which would allow you to link token bars to the attributes 'Minion HP' and 'Minion AC' :)