DM here, looking for people new to D&D


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Going to be running a few starter sessions to help out people new to D&D looking for a helping hand. Happy to help out random new players, can easily help out if you have a friend to bring along.
Will it be 5th edition? That's what I've been reading up on. If so I would be glade to join in!
Hello, I am a fairly new player to DnD, with some experience with a group I've played a couple of sessions with. Looking to get more games under my belt and learn more about the game. So just hit me up, I'm free every weekend to join in on a game.
I haven't been able to get into a group yet, I'd love an opportunity to play.
We're 3-4 people looking to learn D&D. Would you be willing to take us? Some of us have experience with other pen & paper games (Splittermond).
I would like to join the group too!
Would love to hear more about what your planning. I played a few session when I was much younger and one very short one recently which has rekindled the spark. The rest of my knowledge is from a lifelong passion for infinity engine games. 
Would like to participate.