LFP D&D 5e Friday 8pm CEST/GMT+1 (1slot)

Well hello there, Since we just had a player backing out, I am having Another spot open. The game is a homebrew World that is set in D&D 5e rules, with some minor Changes here and there. I am looking for a player who is looking for a RP Heavy game , since I want to focus on story and character devlopment rather then on dungeon crawling ( but ofc there will be fights ). We just had session 0 so you would join right in on the action. We currently have a barb, a cleric, a wizard and a druid . The timeslot : 8pm-approx. 11pm GMT+1/CEST Must have : Discord, working mic. So give the Little introduction a read-through. https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/82803/valerien For any questions shoot me a message on Roll20 o even better, apply right away!
Would you be willing to add me and a friend of mine?
Sorry just say your games are Friday that wouldn't work for us