LFG (D&D 5E) - Daytime Hours - Campaigns Only


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Experienced player seeks daytime group for long walks. I love long nights.. in a dungeon.. if there's loot and experience to be had. I'm looking for something ongoing, because I'm not the type of guy who just gives it up on the first game. People say one of the first things they notice about me is my eyes, but usually that's because I lack darkvision. Like most people out there I'm looking for my partner in crime, but that's because I'd rather they do the dirty work. People say I'm a nice guy.. that's because I've bribed them.. or those who would have said otherwise ended up dead.
You sound like fun I'm a DM looking for a group if you are interested in playing a criminal or dark campaign would love to try it out with you and a few others.
What times are you available? 
im also a dm but a farily new one you could join mine