Im looking for a group to do a kind of big picture campaign. i work well with most people. but if you are a perfectionist or an elitist we will not get along. i like to talk lots. the kind of game i wanna do is more of a strategy game but an rpg strategy game where the game is like... all the players are leaders and we command something like a company each or something. if that makes sense. id like to do it with space ships but ground forces work too. i think 4 players would be the max and then the gm so we wont take to long. i dont like the d100 percentage based system used in like halo ttrpg and i think warhammer rogue trader.  to contact me use either kik "Lt._Meowzers" Discord "420BlazeMy3601337Vagick#3289" bonus points to those who get the reference and pms here i check every few hours. so let me know if you wanna do a game like that! :P