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[Online][Pathfinder][EST] LFGMs to help build a living world/west marches discord server set in Golarion


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Hello! I'm looking for some dedicated GMs who want to help put together a living world for Pathfinder's Golarion setting. I'm looking for people who meet the following requirements: 1. A relatively strong understanding of Pathfinder rules ( strongly preferred) 2. Willingness to GM a minimum of 1-2 games a month (necessary) 3. Some server moderation experience (preferred) 4. Good communication skills (necessary) 5. Working knowledge of Golarion (necessary) If you are interested, this is what we will be working on for the next few weeks: 1. House rules and system tweaks (feat tax removals, spell limitations, price adjustments, etc.) 2. Third party (yay or nay; if yay, then which will be selected) 3. Server infrastructure (designing server roles, setting up bots, organizing channels and resources) 4. GM guidelines and regulations (how much loot can be provide per encounter, how difficult encounters can be, how much deviation from RAW is allowed, how much planning for each session is required, GM approval process, general themes/subject matter that is and is not allowed to be broached/discussed/shown, etc.) 5. Player guidelines and regulation (amount of backstory required, what character sheets are going to be used, which source books are allowed, what races/classes are allowed, banned alignments, expected player conduct, etc.) 6. Moderation guidelines and expectations (generating server rules, determining banning/kicking procedures, generating expected code of conduct for moderators, generating response protocols, etc.) 7. In-game economy building (research pre-published settlement stat-blocks, determine level of granularity and detail in economics simulations, determine whether downtime or kingdom building rules will be implemented, price adjustments, etc.) 8. Meta-game economy (should players be allowed to purchase bonus feats/better classes/better races/more advanced features with "tokens" earned from GMs after successful sessions) Server Link (Anyone who is interested may join) THIS IS NOT GOING TO BE EXCEPTIONALLY EXCITING UNTIL WE OPEN THE SERVER TO THE PUBLIC; THIS IS MERELY THE PLANNING STAGE, AND IT WILL REQUIRE EFFORT AND DEDICATION, WITH A LOT OF DELAYED GRATIFICATION
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