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[LF1M] 5e - Curse of Strahd Official Module on Roll20 (FRIDAYS @ 630pm EST WEEKLY) - Next Game is August 4th.

API Scripter
LOOKING FOR ONLY 1 PLAYER. Replacing a player due to poor behavior. First sessions already completed. New players start at Level 2. Requirements: Requires Discord for voice chat <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> 18+ years old Must blend well with existing members No Entitled personalities Consistent attendance **Engaging/Contributor**&nbsp; Have not player this campaign, will not be meta, and will not spoil the story for any players. I'm looking for a player that'll be an active contributor to the campaign, engaging with the environment and players around them. &nbsp; If your PC is going to be a asshole to party members, don't bother please. Application: Message me with the following details: Whats your experience with 5E? What style of game play do you prefer (RP, Combat,etc)? Have your played this module before? What class are you thinking to play?
i have 3 years eaperience of 5E&nbsp; i perfer to make characters that actuly are fun to play as and roleplay instead of trying to be the strongest i have not played much. only a bit of the beginning but then the group had the DM leave&nbsp; i play any class but i rather see what others in the group are before making any choice&nbsp;
i would also like to mention that i am infact over 18 and my discord. blazeassassen12#9830
one last thing. the link for the discord is timed out.