I'm looking for 1 or 2 players for a weekly ongoing campaign. We're doing the Curse of Strahd module and it's amazing. We had a player drop out due to schedule conflicts, though, so we gotta fill out the party. We play every Monday at 11 pm EST. We use Roll20 and Discord. The campaign is about 50/50 with roleplay and combat. All of us (attempt) to roleplay with voices, but if you're not good at it, don't worry, because none of us are good at it either. Currently, the party consists of a Death Knight, a Monk, and a Ranger. All players are level 5 and you'll be coming in at level 5 yourself. You can be whatever class you want - most UA content is allowed, just check with me first. I typically don't allow homebrew, but if you have a really amazing character idea, I'll consider looking at it. If you have already played Curse of Strahd, please do not apply. I don't want anything being spoiled for the rest of the party, no matter how careful you claim to be. If you haven't played Curse of Strahd yet, you're in for a treat! It's a very dark, gothic horror setting with lots of monsters and creepy things, and imo the best villain in all of DnD. Send me a PM if you're interested with the following information: Name: Age: Your DnD Experience (newbies welcome!): Do you prefer more roleplay or combat? Are you available on Mondays at 11pm EST? Have you played Curse of Strahd before? Character Name: Character Race:  Character Class: Character Backstory: I'll be busy most of today, but I'll get back to you sometime tomorrow.