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[Script Selection] Condition/Status Tracker that handles mooks?

I'm currently looking for a Condition/Status tracker that handles mooks (with the "multiple tokens linked to a single character sheet" implementation). I've looked into Conditions, Conditions and Status Tracker, and TrackerJacker, and I haven't been able to get any of them to function with mooks correctly. My request is similar to this thread:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> However, all I'm looking for is some trackerJacker-like functionality that can apply status effects of varying duration to mooks and correctly count them down as needed. With the game system I'm using (Warhammer 40k's Dark Heresy 2.0), I'll simply need to be able to, say, apply a stun of 1d10 rounds to a subset of mooks, then apply another stun of 1d10 rounds to a different subset of the same type of mook--and then have the turn tracker correctly count down the durations for all instances of that mook. 1. Is there a script (or combination of scripts) that will allow this? 2. If no to the above, which of the extant tracker scripts would serve as the best base for modification? 3. Bonus Question: How easy would it be to modify the trackers to modify token bars (say, reduce each token's Bar1 value by 1d10 each round they're affected)?
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
1) Tracker Jacker is probably the most thorough implementation, but doesn't cover all your use cases. 2) It might be easiest to start from scratch, write out a good list of features, and attack it. 3) not very hard, the interface is always the hardest part, but manipulation is easy.