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Druid Shifting Script (5E OGL)


Edited 1511566952
Bast L.
API Scripter
Hello. This is a simple script to let your druid shapeshift more easily:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... Instructions are in the intro comment, but the general idea is that your druid has token actions to change into each form you put in there. You'll want to add or remove the example forms before saving. There's also some work to do with uploading images to your library, and copying characters. The druid's normal form should have token action macros for each form, and the druid player could have a general macro, which is set as a token action macro, which will revert back (!DSBaseChar). The shifted forms represent the proper characters (Druid copies of them), so your druid can simply shift+double left click to open the creature sheet. Hit points are adjusted in the green bar, fresh for a new creature, letting the sheet keep track of the druid's current hp. If you use a different bar for hp, just change the bar number in the script. Edit: Updated it a bit with Aaron's help. It reads maybe a bit cleaner. Also, the bar linking now works, and did not before.&nbsp;
Ok, I did a search just now and saw that Aaron already made something that does this and more, so, this is probably useless :)
The Aaron
API Scripter
I don't think I ever finished mine, I'm excited to take a look at yours!
Forum Champion
Marketplace Creator
API Scripter
I did a lot of work trying to accomplish this with macros calling a variety of scripts, and was never satisfied with the results. I'll check this out this weekend.