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Maeonia: DM Looking for players and possibly more DMs for a sandbox pathfinder discord server


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I'm looking for players to join in for a sandbox style discord server set in the bustling metropolis of Maeonia. Monstrous/homebrew races allowed, and while I will be DMing and have final say over certain lore aspects, anyone else who wants to DM things inside the world is free to. This way we always have things happening, and some people who can't play at certain times will have other opportunities. The game WILL be NSFW, with ANYTHING allowed. YOU MUST BE 18+ TO JOIN. Some DMs will be more NSFW than others, and its not necessarily the focus of the world/setting, so it won't be NSFW all the time, but it certainly is encouraged. You should be aware, and okay with this, before joining. If anyone is uncomfortable with certain scenarios in particular, they may have the DM change whats happening, nothing is set in stone. More rules about this in the server. The details of the city are already loosely based, but if you want to write things in you'll have plenty of opportunity. This is a world to be shaped by the people playing it, including how some of the core concepts are set. Once again, a lot more info is included in the discord, feel free to join with the link below and find out more
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