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Looking for Feedback or Suggestions on Campaign Setting (Super Heroes)

Going to be starting a Super Heroes campaign. Probably going to go with Mutants and Masterminds, but Savage Worlds is also still on the table. I'm trying to keep some serious elements in the setting, but otherwise trying to be more lighthearted. Below is what I've got so far. I can certainly change some wording up, but would appreciate any feedback or suggestions. I also haven't set a for sure location of where the characters will be either. Thinking NYC or LA so far. Also, half my players aren't that great with coming up with backgrounds so I'm trying to build the setting to help them pin that stuff down. "10 years from now the World is at war with itself. After years of conventional war, it finally happened. Several nations had fired nuclear weapons on each other during what is now called World War 3. The results were disastrous, the U.S. was hit twice, the U.K. and Germany twice as well. Russia and Korea got the brunt of it, leaving half of the north uninhabitable. Russia was hit with nearly a dozen from different countries. The devastation afterward was unimaginable. Famine spread around the world as a lot of infrastructure was damaged. Several months after the nukes hit All countries called a ceasefire. Everyone thought it was odd, we couldn't agree on much in the past few years, why did they all change their minds now? This was May 4th, 2027. The next day is when things really got weird. Two Meteors hit the Earth. One in North America, and one in the Indian Ocean. This caused even more chaos both with the impacts, and with earthquakes and tsunami's. In the days that followed these Portals or Rifts started to open up across the world letting monsters out. The locations of these portals seemed to be somewhat static, only varying by 100 miles at most. Military was trying their best to protect it's citizens but most of the time the monsters had the upper hand with their strength or their strange abilities. Then something happened. Some people started to change. Developed powers of their own. They became our protectors. Our Heroes. 30 Years later, things are quite a bit different. The worlds gotten a bit closer together and work hard with each other to keep the monsters and portals in check. As well as Villains. Yep, that's right, that's a thing now too. For some reason even with all that's gone on, people still want to hurt other people and cause chaos. Heroes now either work for the Government or for Individual Organizations that have sprung up. Most of the destruction that happened is mostly cleaned up now. We have walls built around the areas where portals open. Cities are more dense now as we had to squeeze a little more population in, but all the technology has increased these past 3 decades with everyone seemingly sharing information openly to keep us defended against this threat. People get robotic limb replacements if something happened to them, or if they were paralyzed. A lot of diseases have been cured, though there's still a lot we haven't, and a few new ones that cropped up even. We've been in space more now too. We have a base on the Moon as well as Mars. They're pretty small right now, but that's growing each year. The Heroes are where it's really at though. Everyone loves them, there's competitions between the varying countries and organizations. Merchandise of the better known ones. Of course though, there's the villains. Most of the time they get caught pretty quick with few people getting injured. Sometimes though, the more powerful ones, wreck havoc leaving death and destruction in their wake. That's usually when big hero groups like The Sentinels or The Atom Family come in and save the day. There are people though who have abilities and just don't tell anyone, or never use them. As long as they don't cause trouble they're left alone. If the D.M.O. (Department of Metahuman Operations) finds out they normally just ask you a bunch of questions and that's about it. Though they will no doubt keep tabs on you and what your ability is. Most people don't know they have powers until it manifests itself. This can happen at any age. Supposedly there's also some people who have gotten powers by using infected things from out in the Rift Zones, but those are probably just rumours to scare kids and keep them from sneaking out into those places. The only people you see go out there are Heroes when a rift opens. Our Story begins in X-City where an odd assortment of people are thrown together. A human sized gun toting super smart rat that's totally not suitable to be around children. An old man who doesn't look that old (Also not suitable to be around children) and has claws (Where have I seen this before?). A young man who screams waayy too much just to put some clothes on. A criminal who can move things with his mind (yeah, that's just what we need). Another guy who seems to flirt with any girl bigger than a B cup, but is super strong and good with a sword. Another strong guy who likes fire a lot, but can't actually start one (yet his dog can). And lastly a (player undecided on concept).. Now they have to learn together, act as a team, and if they're lucky.. become Heroes. "
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