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[AD&D 2E] Support, Maintenance, and Reporting Thread


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Sheet Author
So, I have one month of Roll20 Sub left, and life has gotten a bit, well, complicated. I'm dropping my sub when it dies off. I won't be continuing to support this sheet I suppose. (Unless Roll20 makes it so that I can do it without paying them for the priviledge) Good luck guys, it was fun, but I think I'm done being fleeced. If anyone needs my private copy of the page, just let me know. Hey guys, so my old thread died a while back and it never occurred to me to set up a new one since not that many people used it for much. But, here you go. Current Public Sheet version 2.8.51 Current Beta Sheet version 3.0.30 Estimated Beta Release Date: Unknown at this time. **UPDATE** If you absolutely must have the latest copy of the sheet, next Tuesday (08/15/2017) a readme file containing links to my experimental copy of the sheet can be found at <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... but ***THIS HTML IS NOT CONSIDERED FUNCTIONAL! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!*** That being said, it does, technically, work... It's in the process of being debugged though, so stuff may periodically break or not display correctly. Please, if you are going to use this, understand that I can not help you with it until I'm done debugging it thoroughly. Also, I'm minifying as I go since the sheet is getting way too big in my opinion. This will make working on it a bit of an issue since running it through a beautifier will only partially work as the html is buggy. Now, I fixed the CSS, and it is stable, so if you want to grab Roll20's copy of the sheet and use the fixed CSS, go right ahead. This stuff only works for Pro users by the way. For everyone else, like the readme states, please be patient. I'll start releasing updates again as soon as the sheet is error free, but even then, there will probably be a lot of confusion about new material, which is only partially implemented at this time. NOTICE! The first line of the Gear Carried Section as well as the first line of each currency's Gem Pouch will no longer display. You can recover these items in your Attributes and Abilities tab. This will take effect with the next Beta Release. Current list of items being worked on, in order: Fixing Psionic Henchmen Standard Psionics to include macro fields, buttons and Metapsionics. (100% complete) Fixing the Carried Gear section. (100% complete) Fixing the Gem Pouches. (100% complete) Modified: Adding a way to place Currency in the multiple Banks (still calculates towards totals but not weight) (17% complete) Add a collapsible field to change the weight of individual coin types. (17% complete) Add of collapsible field to change the value of individual coin types. (17% complete) Add a text field to the Proficiencies tab for information storage. (0% complete) NEW: Fix the awkward location of the Surprise Roll element. (100% complete) (Now even more awkward!) NEW: Add repeating row ID's to all repeating fields. (50% complete) NEW: Fix javascript to calculate upon removal of a repeating field. (100% complete) NEW: Make most fields, even repeating ones collapsible (repeating by line as well). (50% complete) NEW: Overhaul the existing currency section (better visibility). (17% complete) NEW: Create a custom Currency tab. (0% complete) NEW: Decompress code for debugging. (21% complete) NEW: Add a way to switch between Imperial and Metric weights. (Size doesn't matter :) ) (0% complete) NEW: Add a Settings tab where you can control what rolls go where. (0% complete) NEW: Add rolling functionality to Comeliness. (0% complete) This is just what I have so far, and some of these are going to take a while to do (like, months, not days). That being said, what do you guys want to see in the sheet? Have you found any bugs or broken things? Is something misspelled or do you not understand how to use something or what it's for? Comment here and I will be happy to assist. I will be linking this thread to the Sheet Index so it doesn't get lost. Hope to hear from you guys. I'll update this thread via simple edits every day to let you know where I am with things. I won't make a new post for every little thing so check back periodically to see what's going on. P.S.: I'm planning on creating a YouTube series on utilizing the sheet to its maximum efficiency and capability. I've tried to start this a few times, but then I have to go back and fix or change something, so I'm trying to hold off until the sheet is relatively stable. If this sounds like something that would interest you, let me know. Questions, comments, concerns, criticisms complaints will be all be considered and addressed. :) Known Bugs Psycho kinesis (devotion and science) macro fields were not being called appropriately by the button next to them. This has been fixed and the change will take place next Tuesday. Thank you Richard T. for the report. I noticed the standard currency tab was using an incorrect formula for the value of platinum, per core. This will be adjusted with the next Beta Release. I discovered that con shock and con res rolls were incorrectly factoring their miscellaneous bonuses. This has been addressed in the beta. The title for Comeliness was typed out @{Comelines} &lt; That has been fixed in beta.
Thank for the fix's &nbsp;SFX....much appreciated