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[LFP] 5e - Curse of Strahd - Monday's 12pm CST

We're looking for 1 player to join in on our hardcover non-AL run through Curse of Strahd .  The kind of player we're looking for will be open to, but not necessarily experienced in, heavy roleplay with less emphasis on mechanics (we have a number of people already well-versed in the system).  I'll be starting everyone off at level 3 and skipping Death House.  To apply, head over to the  game page and drop an application into the forum.  Please include the following: brief character concept experience with 5e & ttrpg's in general a 100-250 word adventure hook.  The contents of this hook should be able to be summarized into a one line adventure hook.  This is a contest with my current players.  They're all coming up with the best adventure hooks and the winner (as decided by majority vote - can't vote for themselves) will start the campaign with either a Bag of Holding  or Eversmoking Bottle .  That winner COULD be YOU!   Just head on over the  application page and drop us a few lines.  Please note that the game is slated to run on Mondays @ 12pm CST.
Quick question - Should the adventure hook be for Curse of Strahd specifically? Also, what material are you allowing in your campaign for use? 

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Curse of Strahd has a few adventure hooks to provide to players as basically collective reasons their particular party is traveling to Barovia.  The lore is that Barovia is a land that no one (or almost no one) has heard of.  There's no record of it at the great library at Candlekeep nor can it be found on any map of Faerun.  I don't like any of the adventure hooks suggested.  They're either tropey (guy in a tavern gives you a quest) or lame.  What better way to have some player agency right from the get-go than to have the PLAYERS come up with the reason for them going to this place?  I enjoy providing my players with opportunities to shape the place they're looking to tell stories from.  That's what this is about. edit:  Yes the hook should be for CoS-- it is potentially why you are all going to this mysterious land in the first place and gives your party instant buy-in.  As far as materials used, anything that doesn't require me to homebrew rules is allowed.  I haven't found a player-made anything yet that is anything other than terribly imbalanced.  I'd like to stick as close to the heart of the story in CoS as I can without having to re-build things based on some wonky build.