[LFG] New player looking for a Homebrew Pathfinder game

I've been interested for some time in playing Pathfinder, but something always seems to come up at the very last minute and the games never happen. As such, it's been over a year, and I've still never played my first game of Pathfinder. I'm looking for a nice, small game with a custom world/story and a GM/DM willing to help a new player get past the rocky bits of character creation and such. I have open availability, and am willing to work with your schedule. Would prefer a game with no more than 3-4 characters if possible.   Thank you very much for your time.
Anyone have anything like this available? 
Sent you a PM.
Unfortunately, none of the PMs I received were what I was really looking for, so I'm still open/available. One last bump for great justice?