Hello gamers! Welcome to the 20th Community Corner! Developer Spotlight! We added a few new Table Top Audio tracks - Ravenpuff Common and Antiquarian Study Firebase Shards 8 & 10 were removed from rotation some time ago due to instability. They've been brought back into the rotation. We've added a new property to the "remove:repeating_<groupname>" Sheet Worker function. This now included a special property in its "eventinfo" that is returned when calling, eventinfo.removedinfo. The "removedinfo" property contains a list of the now deleted repeating section's attributes. For more information check out this forum post . We've polished the Sheet Worker function setdefaulttoken to work with default character sheet settings. Now, when setdefaulttoken is called it will also look for default character sheet settings and apply them as well. We've removed an old warning indicator of a bug that was introduced years ago. In the case of a character sheet's repeating section containing an all lower case ID, a red box would appear around the section. This red box has been removed since the issue has long since been fixed and it's possible, though very rare, for an all lowercase ID to happen naturally. BUGFIX: Compendium Expansion Marketplace Browse Page is now accessible again BUGFIX: Fixed behavior of default color picker on sheet settings page, Page Background and Transparent color is still not sticking but a fix should go out early next week. BUGFIX: There was a rare situation in which a user could set their email address to something invalid. This should no longer be possible. If you would like to see a more detailed run down of of the notes check out our patch notes ! Please tell us there if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Hi rollers, here’s what’s new in the Tech Corner. I, Steve K, finally found some time to put some work into the next version of the 5E OGL character sheet this week. In the process I made a couple of improvements to Sheet Workers that I’m hoping sheet authors will be excited about. This weeks changes include a bunch of back end upgrades that aren’t visible to the end user but will hopefully speed up our process. Part of this process included finally getting the Dev server modernized and updating certain key libraries Roll20 uses on the back end. Gen Con is almost here! We’re furiously coding away to get our projects ready to show off to you. For those of you who are making it to Gen Con, come see these announcements and demos live at the “Get Your Games Online with Roll20” panel, Friday at 7PM. We’ll be showing off the hard work of our junior programers, the Compendium update, and demoing one of the most highly requested features ever on Roll20. For those of you who can’t make it, we’ll be doing a public announcement later the next week. For those of you at Gen Con on Saturday, I will be running a panel for “Advanced Gaming with Roll20”, where I’ll be going over some of the power feature tools I use in running my own games. There is a laundry list of tips and tricks that I’m hoping even the most veteran rollers will find things they didn’t know about. WotC Content Patch Highlights! To avoid spoilers, you will find the full patch notes in each module as a handout. Lost Mine of Phandelver Removed Has Sight from tokens for improved performance. Storm King's Thunder Many NPC tokens have been adjusted to function properly when dragged out of the journal Art has been updated for some of the standard animal tokens Tales from the Yawning Portal Forge of Fury Some Secret Door tokens have been created on the Objects Layer to close up some gaps Hidden Shrine of Tamochan Updated NPC character sheets that were not functioning properly Sunless Citadel Updated NPC character sheets that were not functioning properly Curse of Strahd Dynamic Lighting updated on Castle Ravenloft Community Highlights! For those of you who are fans of the AGE system, we have a great sheet and script for you this week! AGE System This was a sheet made for the AGE family of game: Dragon Age, Fantasy Age, Titansgrave, and Blue Rose. Created by Olivier L. TotalRolled for AGE Brought to you by Olivier L. and Joshua Casserino we have an API script that automatically totals all rolls and modifiers that are used in the AGE system. It also returns the number of stunt point earns for the roll! On the Marketplace! We have some interesting sets this week on the marketplace! Some to spruce up your combat, and another for more interesting locales! Transportation Sensations Sky Ships by Gabriel Pickard A collection of various sized flying ships for your games aerial or fantasy space vessel needs! Battle Runes Set 2 by Greg Taylor Art Battle Runes is a pack for those who enjoy adding some functional visual flair to their games! That wraps it up for this week! We can't wait to see many of you at Gen Con! -Drespar