LFP [DND 5E Homebrew World] Hunters of the Zenith - Biweekly Sundays 8pm BST next one being 20th


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I'm running a homebrew campaign and my players are testing homebrew classes for me as well as taking part of this story driven campaign revolving around the Zenith Spire, a guild of hunters who have long hunted things that do not belong on the prime material plane either capturing them, killing them or worse. The party are a squad of these hunters out on one of their first official missions tracking a Fey being out to foreign continent to them. I'm the DM/GM and am in England so in the BST/GMT timezone so bear that in mind when applying as it could mean playing super early in the morning for you or super late. I try to keep the sessions around 3 hours but will go into 4 hours in length if the party wants to keep going for a bit longer or are in the middle of a fight. To see the Listing click here: Hunters of the Zenith Spire Recently having lost one of the players who originally joined due to general inactivity and non-responsiveness I'm looking for a replacement player to fill their role in a party of three. So an opening has opened up, however being 2 sessions in already the new addition to the party will be handled differently from the originals, and does not have to rep one of my homebrew classes (as its highly all over the place at the moment due to edits made between me and the player who left and needs more work), and can rep any official, UA or other class they wish, save for other homebrewed content - as I'd rather not confuse things with my own stuff. If you're interested in joining us for a fun adventure, private message me, rather than post in the applications thread on the listing, with the below info: Real Life Stuff Name : (pretty self explanatory) Timezone : (I myself am in BST/GMT, so bare that in mind when applying!) Experience : (Just a general run down of your experience with d&d in particular, and maybe any other tabletop or rpg games you're into!) Additional info : (anything else you want to add? Maybe you want to be a spaceman one day? Let me know!) D&D Stuff Character Name : (Your characters.... name..) Character Race : (Will accept any official race of your choosing, I'm pretty open in this regard, as is the guild) Class : (Pick any official or UA class in the books, its open season. The Spirit Archer class is open if you really want to mess around with it but you don't have to by any means!) Background Sample : (Just a touch of the origin you have in mind, would be something that doesn't involve you having already joined the Spire, but instead seeking to join them or perhaps being in the right place at the wrong time, which we'll discuss before you join the game.) Personality : (Just a little extra spice, I'd like to have character's who will ultimately work well together towards the common goal, but a touch of discourse doesn't hurt, unless its continuous) We'll discuss your characters background and a further introduction and kind of interview over discourse once I've seen your application and considered it! I may be looking for more players to bolster the party into a more rounded group at a later date, so if you don't immediately join but are still interested down the line keep an eye out for a response from me, as I will respond to your initial messaged application! Thanks for reading and I hope to have someone new join us for the adventure!
Still open for responses :)
Im UK based and have played a fair few sessions on here and in person. What kind of characters are you looking for? And whats the world like.  Thanks :)
Any kind of character can work, preferably not evil alignment because that may conflict with the current good/neutral nature of the other two members of the party, but any neutral/good/lawful/chaotic combo will work. As far as races and classes, the field is open. The current two players are running my homebrew classes which essentially consist of an elemental druid/paladin combo, and a summoning sorcerer, but as far as healing power goes there isn't much at the moment with the summoner having one 1st level healing spell, so if that influences your decision in class choice it won't be without need! The world itself is an expansive world filled with 7 continents, each with its own long and sordid history, slightly high fantasy, but due to the nature of the guild they work for the party will undoubtedly visit many of these places. We can talk further about each of these places once you've decided on your character and sent it my way to look at so we can fill in more of your backstory together later on.