Make object visible on map at all times when using dynamic lighting?

I'm using dynamic lighting on a map, but I'd like to make an object visible to everyone at all times, no matter where the players' tokens are on the map. (To be specific, this would be an arrow icon showing an exit/entrance point, so the players can see the general direction they need to head to get back to the point where their characters entered the map even if they can't see the exact route to get there.) Is this possible? If so, what settings need to be changed on the object to do it? Thanks in advance.

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Give "all players" control (token|settings|controlled by) of the token/object you want them to see.  I can't recall, but I think you need to give the token/object a light radius and "All players see light".  Maybe even lock it inside a dynamic lighting polygon so they can't move it... been a while since I did this.  That's the general idea.  Hope this helps. edit: revised for clarity
I'll give that a try. Thank you.
To provide an update: this suggestion works great. I made the icon into a token, gave all players control over it, checked "Has Sight" in the token settings, then blocked the token from moving around by surrounding it with a tightly bounded dynamic lighting shape (with "Restrict Movement" checked under "Dynamic Lighting" in the "Page Settings" window). The icon's now visible to everyone no matter where the players' character tokens go on the map. Thanks again, Vince.

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Like Vince says you can set up a token that everyone has 'control' over. Out a dynamic light box around it along with 'restrict movement' to prevent it getting moved by the players but you can have it as a floating icon in the darkness rather than have it emit light: edit: but it looks like you've figured that out yourself while i was posting this lol!
Thanks regardless!