Treat rolls of x or less as x, or dice with custom mapped sides?

I recently picked up Elemental Adept for my Sorcerer, and now when I roll damage I can treat any 1 on a damage die as a 2.  I've looked around for min and max type functions, but couldn't find any.  Reroll doesn't work, cause I'm not rerolling 1's to a random other number, I'm bumping them up to a minimum value.  Reducing the sides on the die and adding a constant doesn't work because it changes the chances of rolling other numbers above 2. This is the best I could do: /roll {d6,d0cs>1+2}d1 Which works, it treats rolls of 2 or less as 2 for a 6-sided dice.  And you can replace the values of 6 and 2 like variables for a generic treat rolls of x or less as x for a y-sided dice. The "d0cs>1+2" is because the bracket notation "{}" requires dice rolls and won't accept a simple constant; and while a "d0" always rolls 0, it also always highlights as a critical, therefore I increased the critical threshold to 1.  It looks messy in the formula, but when it expands the dice roll, it just looks like "(0)+2".  Which helps readability if you want to know what was rolled and chosen by the dice roller.  Using something like 2d1 instead gets very hard to read if your minimum value gets larger.  The bigger problem with this method is that to add more dice means adding a copy of the entire formula for each dice.  Thus my Fireball spell dice now look like this: /roll {d6,d0cs>1+2}d1+{d6,d0cs>1+2}d1+{d6,d0cs>1+2}d1+{d6,d0cs>1+2}d1+{d6,d0cs>1+2}d1+{d6,d0cs>1+2}d1+{d6,d0cs>1+2}d1+{d6,d0cs>1+2}d1 I could refactor it to be: /roll {d6,d6,d6,d6,d6,d6,d6,d6,d0cs>1+2,d0cs>1+2,d0cs>1+2,d0cs>1+2,d0cs>1+2,d0cs>1+2,d0cs>1+2,d0cs>1+2}d8 But they are both still lengthy, and I've had errors pop-up in both.  Either I miscount the number repetitions in either, or I forget to modify the drop number accordingly. Anybody have a better solution?  I've seen this type of dice roll occur in multiple systems, such as Dark Heresy Proven quality.  I can't have been the only person to run into this before, so I'm hoping someone figured out a more scalable solution. I'd love it if there was some notation like d{2,2,3,4,5,6} to map the sides of a dice, then it would just be a simple 8d{2,2,3,4,5,6} for my Fireball spell, which could work as a wide ranging general solution both to minimum and maximum roll scenarios, plus a few other types of scenarios.  Or simply a minimum roll notation such as 8d6m2, where "m" (or whatever character is more appropriate) indicates minimum roll that can occur on the die.

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Ask your gm to make a rollable table for your damage dice (probably just a d6 table needed), entries will be 2-6, with the 2 being given a weight of 2. You can then use that table just as if it were a dice expression: 1t[d6] would be the same as {1d6,{2}}kh1, but you can do 5t[d6] on my phone,but if you need more detailed overview, I can elaborate when I'm back at my comp, or I'm sure Silvyre or another macro master will be happy to help as well.