Looking for 2 players for dnd 5e due to a few dropouts. GMT+0

Hallo, running an on-going campaign, have space for two characters, ideally roleplay focused, though newbies willing to learn are also quite acceptable, we have experienced and non-experienced currently in-game. The games are held SUNDAY GMT 4-10 PM via Discord and Roll20 Tutelage#5904 Some knowledge of the system is preferable, but ability to tke on a character is much better. This is a combat light campaign, mostly because the bard/wizard is REALLY GOOD at talking. Start at level 10, high fantasy, high magic. Hit me up on discord and we'll have a chat. Ideal player : Someone who is reliable for sunday, has a sense of humour and can maintain a character concept.
My wife and I are looking for a group. I've play off in on for the last 13 years. She has gaming experience but no DnD experience.  I could play every week it would be noon to 6pm my time Eat.  however my wife works between 10am and 6pm every other week (that is 2pm-10pm your time GMT). If your okay working with us she can discuss her character with you in off time for weeks she has to miss.  And either you or I could roll for her in combat.  It's not the most ideal set up.  However I'm trying to share my hobby with her and I'm going to have to find someone who willing to be flexible with her awkward schedule.
I personally prefer role play focused games.