Hello, I'm looking for a game my wife and I can join.   5e preferably as my wife is new to role play games  (though she has experienced some role playing in board game format).  I have been paying dnd/pathfinder scince 2004. I am currently thinking of playing a celestial Warlock half-orc (with a unicorn patron and the pact of tombs). My wife is interested in playing a gnome nonmagical range user.  that is why I have suggested Fighter (archer) battle master. I am available every evening after 6pm EST all day Saturday and Sunday.  My wife is available any Saturday and Sunday after 6pm EST.  However her work schedule alternates on a two week schedule.  Meaning every two weeks she one of the days of the week off and than works that day the following week. So if not on Sunday or Saturday night, she can only play biweekly.  She is willing to participate in a weekly game giving combat control over to the DM or me when she can't make it. Thank you for considering us PM or comment here if your interested.