Need a bit of help when it comes to map making using Photoshop, thanks in advance for the help

Hello all, so I have Photoshop CS6 and I am trying to duplicate what I did when drawing maps for Roll20 using GIMP, ( ), this like has the instruction on using GIMP but not Photoshop, I still very new to Photoshop but is there anyone out there that have seen similar instructions like these, Thank you again for the help
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The directions should be basically the same, you'll just need to find out where all the options are on Photoshop. Setting up grids and grid snapping should be pretty easy, set that on a separate layer. You can change your grid settings in the (edit->preferences) section. You should be able to use something like the pen tool to draw your lines, change your thickness, etc. and apply a fill. I have more experience with Adobe Illustrator for stuff like this but it should be pretty basic. You can then apply a layer/object mask over your floor space to apply texture. If you don't know where a certain feature is on Photoshop, I'd google it and just go step by step.

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Honestly I have googled and haven't found anything for Photoshop, not even close. That is the most difficult part, I don't know where the similar options are for Photoshop, it is a bit confusing. I can replicate most of it but adding bevel to the grid by rendering it I don't know how and where that is located at. But thanks I will continue to go at it
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Try digging around on the cartographer's guild, particularly MadCowChef's stuff... you might recognize him.... =D
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Try this one:
Thank you "The Aaron"!