Looking for up to 5 players to run adventures out of the Tales from the Yawning Portal hardcover.  I run Adventurer's League games as well and can fold this into that with enough interest. I'm a fiction-focused GM still working on my 5e knowledge (been running 5e games for months now). I'm looking for players interested in more than reading words off of character sheets like some do under other pushover GMs. I used shaped sheets (I can't stand OGL's simplicity) and I can bring anyone up to speed pretty quickly on their usage.  I'd like the run weekly games going through the different reboots of famous D&D dungeons (included in TftYP) up to the release of Tomb of Annihilation. At which point, I'll start running the hardcover & AL modules from that season.  If this sounds like your kind of thing, head over to the  lfp listing for the game (← link there) and indicate as much.  I prefer to not read pages of backstory (and probably won't tbh), and a character concept isn't a barrier for entry anyway. No homebrew classes . Unearthed Arcana is allowed on a case-by-case basis as some of them are essentially homebrew classes.  The time (12pm CST) is pretty firm (that's the easiest time for me to run it) but the day is flexible.