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Forcing Shaped Sheet to Revert When Using a Custom Roll

Have figured out how to have a custom macro respect the roll setting from the shaped sheet. Still haven't figured out how to get it to revert to normal after the roll. Anybody have a tip or hack to get that behavior? Example would be something similar to the macro below.  &{template:5e-shaped} {{title=Overrun Action}}{{show_character_name=1}} {{character_name=@{selected|character_name} contested by @{target|Overrun Target|token_name} }} {{Action Description= When a creature tries to move through a hostile creature’s space, the mover can try to force its way through by overrunning the hostile creature. As an action or a bonus action, the mover makes a Strength (Athletics) check contested by the hostile creature’s Strength (Athletics) check. The creature attempting the overrun has advantage on this check if it is larger than the hostile creature, or disadvantage if it is smaller. If the mover wins the contest, it can move through the hostile creature’s space once this turn. }}{{**@{selected|character_name} Strength (Athletics) Skill Roll** [[@{selected|shaped_d20}@{selected|repeating_skill_$3_total_with_sign}]]}}{{Dice Modifiers for @{selected|character_name}= @{selected|repeating_attacher_$0_freetext}}}{{**@{target|Overrun Target|token_name} Strength (Athletics) Skill Roll** [[@{target|Overrun Target|shaped_d20}@{target|Overrun Target|repeating_skill_$3_total_with_sign}]] }}{{Dice Modifiers for @{target|Overrun Target|token_name}= @{target|Overrun Target|repeating_attacher_$0_freetext}}}
Only thing I have been able to come up with is adding a command to do a roll that does cause the sheet to revert after my custom macro. This works but adds spam. 
HAH! Or how about the easy fix of just adding a command to roll normal.