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[LFDM] (5e) Need Additional DM's for Thriving D&D Community!!!


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Hello, I'm a long time DM and a Twitch Streamer.  My streaming D&D games have created so much interest among my viewers that I've started a community on Discord for new players (who want to learn off-stream), or those who used to play and need a new group.  The community, known as the Apprentices' Guild, is growing fast and I can no longer DM for everyone there -- I'm already DM'ing four games.  I would like one or two more experienced DM's, who don't mind new players, to join and run some games.  In return, I can offer you a tight-knit community of very cool people who will support the CRAP out of your Twitch Stream or Podcast.  Also, if you would like to run a pre-made D&D module on Roll20, we can help cover the costs in exchange for you DM services.  Please direct message me if interested.  Thanks! New players are always welcome to join the Apprentices' Guild as well.  Check us out at >>>  <<<
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