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Roll20 Dev Team
Roll20 Team
First, let me say: Welcome to Roll20! :) For those of you looking to dive on in please check our our Tutorial - This in-game walk-through will show you how to use various parts of our Virtual Tabletop (VTT). Additionally, starting your own test game to play with different features and controls is a fantastic way of getting used to the software and layout! For those of you who are ready to jump into some adventures, check out the Looking For Group Tool and Looking for Group Forum daily for games that may be of interest to you. Also, be sure to fill our your User Profile ! Your "Bio" is where you have a chance to catch a GM's eye with a well-written statement about yourself The "Enjoys Playing" section is important for two reasons: Every entry you put here is a data-point for The Orr Group Industry Report of games being played, and it lets other people looking at your profile know a bit more about you The "Actively Seeks Group For" section is where you can add yourself to the Player Directory for systems you want to play We also have a wiki where you can find answers to a lot of your questions! However, if you can't find an answer, feel free to post in our various sub-forums based on their particular topics. Completely new to Role-Playing Games?  Check out our  Introduction to Tabletop RPGs wiki page! Good luck (and loot) on your adventures!

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Subscription Questions and Issues What benefits do I get for subscribing? You can find an outline of all the subscriber benefits on our Subscription Page . The most notable for a lot of users is the Dynamic Lighting feature which is available for Plus and Pro subscribers Additionally, almost all of the benefits are also attached to any games you might make while subscribed. Meaning that as long as you (with a Plus or Pro subscription) are creating the game, then your players will be able to use all of the advanced features attached to your account! How do I use Dynamic Lighting? Dynamic lighting is an advanced feature reserved for Plus and Pro subscribers. You can also visit our wiki to find step-by-step instructions on Dynamic Lighting . What is the Roll20 API and How do I use it? To start, API scripting is available only to Pro Subscribers . The Roll20 API provides a powerful way to customize and enhance your game. You write scripts (little pieces of code) that tell Roll20 what to do during gameplay (for instance, move a piece, add a status marker to a token, or even roll dice). It's simple and straightforward to get started, but the possibilities are endless. If you are interested in adding APIs to your game we have two ways to add Scripts to your game - you can use our Script Library to add pre-installed Scripts or you can create your own scripts to meet your needs. For more information on the Roll20 API please see our API Wiki and API Forums . Technical Questions and Issues I deleted my game by accident! What do I do? For game restoration, please email and we will help you as soon as we can! Please be sure to include the name of your game so we know what to restore for you! I accidentally deleted an object in my game and I can't get it back! In these cases you will need to make use of the Rollback feature. Rollbacks are an automated feature available to Pro users only - to obtain a Rollback please consider subscribing to Roll20. If you are a Pro subscriber, please see our Game Management Wiki for more information. I am having issues with the site. What do I do? If you are experiencing issues with the Roll20 site or the Virtual Tabletop please work through our Solving Technical Issues section on our Wiki. Once completed, if you issue is not resolved, please create a post in our Bug Report Forums with as much information as possible so we can help. The voice/video chat is not working Information on WebRTC technical support can be found on our wiki- including requirements, diagnostics, and the information that will help us resolve your issues in future bug reports. If you are still having issues after following this wiki, please head to the forums and share the information requested in Step 5 on our WebRTC Voice and Video Chat Issues thread on the forums, so our Devs can best help. Marketplace Questions and Issues I can't find an item I bought on the marketplace! For the most comprehensive run down of where your purchases are, please check out our wiki on How to Access Marketplace Content . I have Roll20 credit but I can't buy anything on the marketplace with it. Currently, Roll20 credit is only usable for subscription purchases- It cannot be used to purchases items on the marketplace. I accidentally gifted myself credit/marketplace item. If you have accidentally gifted yourself something you meant for another person, please email us at with information about the transaction and who you had intended it to go to. How do I become a creator on the marketplace? Thank you for your interest in joining the Roll20 Marketplace! Please review our Becoming a Creator page. It will provide you with all of the answers you seek, including technical specifications and other vital information. I bought something and I would like a refund For all monetary based questions, please email .