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[LFP] Starfinder Saturdays! - Cyberpunk Adventure

GM looking for players for a session tomorrow of Starfinder! Game will be at 630 pm CST and I need 4 players interested.  Corporations rule the galaxy. You work for a corporation, receive pay, turn around and buy necessities from them. Some radicalists call this new age indentured servitude or slavery but the majority of the population care little more than paying bills and surviving.  You work for Shenru corporation, own of the largest technology distributors in the known galaxy. You are a enforcer for the company. Some call you security, others refer to you as police, most hope to never have to deal with you and a small portion of society thinks you are little more than thugs.  Your home is Shenru Illios-6, a moon orbiting a desolate planet. A factory and neon covered planetoid, Shenru Illios-6 is home to both the crushingly structured life of Shenru Macrorobotics as well as pits of corruption and dens of crime.  If this seems like an interesting game to you then drop a character concept and get ready to roll some dice :)
I'm totally interested. I think I would like to try a Vesk Merc Envoy 

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Shot you an private message on behalf of me and a friend of mine. We're interested.
I just picked up the starfinder book, and would love to give it a try if youve still got room.
Apologies to all who asked to join. My power was destroyed by the recent hurricane. Please leave character synopsis in this post and describe your characters to me.
Have two ideas Ocklet, Ysoki Criminal Mechanic: used to work for a gang keeping things up and running. Till a stronger Gang moved in and forced them all out. Calling in a few favors and pying some bribes he now finds himself Working for the Shenru Company. Lazarus Corvus, Human Mercenary Soldier: Born on a poor mining world run by the Shenru, he joined their Police force for a better life. He is beginning to realize that some people are right and hes mostly just a thug for the Company, but hey beats being a Miner.