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[LFP] D&D 5E SUN CST ONE-SHOT-ISH - 1st time DM looking for 1st-ish time players

My Sunday group moved to Wed, so I have a free night! Instead of jumping into a new game, I thought I'd try DMing a few sessions. So this 1st time DM, is looking for three or four, 1st time-ish players to have a go at playing D&D together. The gist: D&D 5e, Sundays CST-friendly time, roll play heavy, 1-3 sessions (1st session to build chars if y'all want, then 1 or 2 sessions for the adventure) You're new. If you've played a while, move on. I will definitely suck at this, so my players should feel free to suck too Theater of the mind  (no roll20/maps/grids/tokens (yes, I realize I'm posting on Roll20 :) ))  Discord for audio/chat/rolling (or honor system, physical dice) You'll need good mic/headphones OrcPub for char sheets, or just a pdf if you want, and can get me a copy. 1st or 2nd level chars,  PHB races/classes (or other if cleared by me_ If this sounds like your kinda thing, respond and let me know: Your D&D experience Do you have a good mic/headphones/internets Character idea you're interested in playing Are you emotionally equipped for a TPK? (kidding... mostly) Car your char would drive
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