[LFP] Microscope RPG


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Looking for players with whom to play Microscope. We'll be happy to teach the rules as the game is surprisingly simple to pick up. Leave a reply if you're interested and if there are enough responses I'll get to arranging the group. Curious about Microscope? Read the official overview here:  http://www.lamemage.com/microscope/
I'm interested Johnathan, let me know when we are ready to go.
Looks fun. I'm interested. What time would you be playing?
Let's use this https://www.when2meet.com/?6290471-aloM8 to try and find a time when everybody's available.
I think I would be interested in this too. I'm a long time GM looking to play a little more than I usually get to. I enjoy roleplay more than rollplay and I enjoy the struggles of a good character. I tend to revel in tragedy but that is by no means the only appeal of a character for me.
Bump! We still have a few spots available! 
I've never played the system but I'm interested in doing some world building. Count me in. 
Unfortunately we weren't specific about time zones with the first one. Can everyone who will be playing please write their availabilities onto this ? Please remember to convert your time to GMT! :-)  (Google can automatically tell you the time difference based off your location.)
Updated the GMT version of the When to meet. 

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forgot to ask. What are the general thoughts on Voip? Discord? Teamspeak?
I use Discord. 
I was thinking of using roll20's voicechat because then no one would have to download anything, but I do already have a discord. If everyone prefers we can go that route 
Also it looks like everyone is available at 23:00 GMT today which is in a few hours. Would everyone be willing to have our first game today?
If not, at least we'll have a set time for next week!
I'm down for next week on at that time
We need to move this out of the public forums. 
I, too, am trying to figure out how to make a Microscope group/game here. Let's know 1 another. Really, that's the way, ya? Find people who want to do it, then, do it?
I'm down for picking up Microscope again, seems the group fell apart from this forum sadly
I have experience with playing this and it can be a blast with a group of engaged roleplayers who love world-building. Usually DMs :)  I take it in small bites though...takes a lot of creative energy so I don't play this frequently.  But if there's a session forthcoming I'd be happy to join.
I'm still down as well but only if people are interested. So set up a time and I'm in as long as I don't already have something in that time slot.  Peace --Mike