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Share Compendium With Players


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I would like to be able to share my compendium, with the 5e Monster Manual and Volo's and any future compendium expansions, with my players. This functionality is available through D&D Beyond as part of their Master subscription tier and through Fantasy Grounds as part of any of their subscription/license tiers. I would like something similar for Roll20. As part of either Plus or Pro subscription (Pro makes more sense to me), give the ability to share content either with a specific number of players, with a specific number of games, or with all games the subscriber creates. This would give extra incentive for people to subscribe, and it would provide functionality that is available on Roll20's competitor sites.
Just a little update, I did some research and found that Fantasy Grounds also offers this. I edited the first post to include that info.
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You can share compendium content with players in game by dragging the entry out to create a handout and then sharing the handout with them, having unfettered access would make it easier however so I certainly can see the point of your suggestion....
I'm mostly thinking about when the PHB comes out. Having the spells available to my players without them all having to buy it and without me having to drop in every non-SRD spell myself would be very useful.
Yes, it would be handy if compendium access could allow access to all players in a game as long as it was created by someone in possession of that content. I understand the concerns of it being copyrighted content but IRL the GM is usually the one with the books and he lends it to players to create their characters, being able to do this on roll20 would be nice.
This really needs to be a thing... It's frustrating that I can't just share it with my players when I'm a pro.
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This is completed.  Closing thread to refund votes!