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[LFP] Earthdawn 4E One shot & Campaign Recruiting - September 9th 6:00 pm CDT - Looking for 3-5 players


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This is meant to be an introductory game session to the Earthdawn world and ED4E system. Pregenerated characters will be provided. Planning on a 3-4 hour session with a 10-15 minutes break in the middle. &nbsp;Intro to the Rules and game will be done during the session. If you enjoy the game and I feel you would be a good fit for the group, this is also a opportunity for joining my (almost) weekly ED4E game in the same time slot. Earthdawn is a post-apocalyptic fantasy genre where the players place Adapts (Magically powered 'heros'). The apocalypse was powerful and dangerous magical creatures called horrors were able to break through to the land from the rising level of magic. People survived in magical bunkers called Kaers with the intention of waiting until the magic level went back down to a level where the horrors could no longer say. The 'it is safe to go back outside' tools never reached the 'it is safe' level and stopped moving for years. Eventually people started leaving the kaers and found the land reshaped and still some horrors were around. Playing Earthdawn 4E adaption of Journey to Lang. In this adventure, a group of adventuring Adepts are asked to travel to a small village situated on a small tributary of the Serpent River in order to discover why the merchant has lost contact with the village. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Gen Kitty
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By default a link such as <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> ... is only visible to players already in the game, and only Plus and Pro subscribers can make their games visible to the public . The best way to handle this situation is to create a Looking for Group listing ; even if you do not enable it for viewing in the LFG Directory you can share the link with others and have a separate Listing Discussion forum just for those potentially interested in your game. As a bonus, anyone who posts to your game's Listing Discussion forum will have a big blue button by their username and all a GM has to is click 'Invite to Game' and an invitation will be sent their way. I hope this helps, happy gaming! :)
Thanks. I had multiple tabs open when I did that and must have grabbed the wrong URL. &nbsp;main post fixed.