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The Jason Quill Videos [Cutscene]


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Video Index Issue 0.5 - Meeting with an Advisor (text only) Issue 3 - Jason Quill Postlude (immediately below) Issue 3.5 - When Jason Met Alycia Issue 3.6 - When Jason Met Leo Issue 4 - Jason Quill Postlude Issue 7.1 - Jason and Leo and Leadership (text only) Issue 7.2 - Jason and Not-Byron Issue 8 - Jason's Dark Vision about Alycia's infiltration (text only) Issue 8.1 - Jason's Drunken Ramblings (text only) (non-canonical) Issue 12.1 - Jason Has Had A Long Day Issue 14.1 - Jason Has Had Another Really Long Day Issue 17.1 - Jason and Numina (text only) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Issue 3 - Jason Quill Postlude FILE CODE QUILL FOUNDATION ARCHIVES TS+201708292209 PRIME SUBJECT ACCCODES JQ+BQ+BJ+XX CLASSINTTERM +21420829 MAXENCRYPT XREF *HEIR INITIATIVE* <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Transcript (note some spelling irregularities in the subtitles to create clearer pronunciation): Gee, that didn't go well. I completely blew that. Anyway, hi, Dad. Barbara said I should do this. Make a video, talking to you. She said it was in a book she read about the grieving process. Whatever. And since the lab has all these cameras to record your experiments, it seemed like the best place. Not that I expect anyone to ever see this. Especially you. So Alycia Chin is back. When heard the rumors after the horse race, I didn't want to believe them. I didn't drop everything and go after her. She did something to Harry. Dammit. It's my fault he got hurt. I should have come up with a better plan. You would have. Rusty would have. Even Brigand would have, and he's a dog. And she's tracking me through my nanobots? That's really scary. I need to figure out how to block their signal from her. But I can't. I'm not smart enough. Maybe I'll ask Link. He might have ideas. And he knows about my problem. If he doesn't throw it all back in my face. Again. I feel bad about Harry. He saw something. His story is a little unclear, and we need to get the details. But if Alycia hurt him, it's my fault. Why did it have to be Alycia again? She kind of scares me. I mean, she's as smart as her dad. Smarter than me. And her dad killed you and Rusty. She might hurt one of my friends, or worse. I have to stop her. Or try to change her mind about all of this. But the others probably think I'm crazy. I overreacted to hearing about Alycia. I still felt awful from pushing myself too far, and when she cut off the nanobots it felt like she cut off part of me. Harry seems kind of mad at me. I don't blame him. And after all of that, we don't have any prisoners. Alycia stopped Harry from taking Iconoclast to prison. And Troll just disappeared. That was weird. And he gets strength from Wifi? What's that all about? It's not Link's fault. I gave him the information from that Power Pony girl. If my head hadn't been hurting so much, I could have helped him and Concord. I tried to help Ghost Girl. She seemed really worried. And then I said that stupid thing about voodoo masks. What I meant was that I had seen scary things. Really scary. And I have done things to scare people. Dad, you once created a giant amoeba that almost ate a house. I grew up seeing scary all the time. It's okay to be scary. That's what I was trying to say. I hope that she heard me. I hope *you* hear me, Dad, wherever you are. But I don't think you can. I don't think there's life after death. There's always some scientific explanation, or evil genius plan. Well, except maybe Ghost Girl. But there is probably a scientific explanation for her, too. You would be able to figure it out. If you were here. I don't feel like I can do all of this without you. I just wish I had been there with you guys. It's just not fair. It wasn't supposed to be like this! The heroes always save the day. If they know how. And I don't. I just know I need to stop Alycia. Somehow. Before she hurts someone else. And before things go too far with my own problems. Okay, that's enough feeling sorry for myself. I have some research to do before I hit the sack. Good night, Dad. Talk with you later.
Awesome :)
Okay. Dammit. Now I've scripted an encounter between Jason and Alycia subsequent to this. And, of course, crafted a Plotagon avatar for her. I blame Doyce.
Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
Doyce T.
Sheet Author
I'm... probably going to need to do an avatar for Alycia. :)
Bide a bit.

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Issue 3.5 - When Jason Met Alycia FILE CODE QUILL FOUNDATION ARCHIVES TS+201708311847 PRIME SUBJECT ACCCODES JQ+BQ+BJ+XX CLASSINTTERM +21420831 MAXENCRYPT XREF *HEIR INITIATIVE* <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> This takes place a few days after the previous video. Transcript (again, with some intentional voice-reproduction typos in the subtitles): JASON ... so, Dad, that's the lastest update. Not that you'll ever hear it, but, well, it's good pretending to talk with you. Good night. ALYCIA Well, that was touching. (JASON RECOILS) Oogah-boogah! JASON Alycia, how -- what are you doing here? ALYCIA Listening to the world's saddest video-log, I think. JASON Wait. I can feel it. You're broadcasting ... out of my nanobots? Through the visual matrix enhancers in the holograph tank. ALYCIA Very good. JASON Are you connected? Live? Actually communicating? ALYCIA (smiles) JASON The lab is shielded. The holotank is offline. In fact, there have been other opportunities for you to chat with me today. This is the first time I've been alone and also in a shielded place. ALYCIA What does that tell you? JASON That you're a recording. Or ... an AI. ALYCIA Hmmmm. An AI in your nanobots. That must be disturbing. JASON Yes. ALYCIA Unless I want you to think I'm just an AI, and I've actualy established communication through the lab shielding. Would that be more disturbing? JASON Maybe. ALYCIA At any rate, I suspect the nanobot anti-virus will start working immediately on what ever I am, so we don't have much time to discuss things. JASON What did you want to discuss? ALYCIA Oh, I have no questions for you. Well, I have one, but I will wait for you to ask the right question of me. JASON Dammit, Alycia, this isn't a game. After ... after what happened with our dads, how can you be trying to do the same thing all over again? ALYCIA And there it is in one. After what happened with our fathers, how can *you* not be trying to do the same thing all over again? JASON That doesn't even make any sense. ALYCIA Of course it does. Your father is responsible for my father's death. JASON What? That's not true. ALYCIA And vice-versa, of course. So how can you not be seeking vendetta? JASON Dad did no such thing! ALYCIA Of course he did. You weren't there to see. JASON And you were? ALYCIA (smiles) Some of us weren't sent off to boarding school. JASON I saw the TV coverage. ALYCIA And pictures never lie? JASON Even if that were true, revenge and all that, it makes no sense. Look, I know we were always on opposite ends of machine guns, or death rays, or robot manacle controls. But that was because of our dads. Well, your dad. But it wasn't our fight, you and me. This isn't you. ALYCIA This is me. It's the me my father wanted me to be. Too bad you aren't living up to the Quill legacy. JASON I don't want to fight you, Alycia. ALYCIA I don't want to fight you either, Jason. I just want you to die. JASON Dammit, we've spent time together when we weren't in conflict. Did nothing of all that ever mean anything to you? ALYCIA What, on that space station? Or when we were both held captive in that Amsterdam brothel that was a front for Nazis? Or do you mean Antarctica? I read your interview, Jason. Very coy. JASON It was none of their business. ALYCIA There was no "business" to tell. Or, rather, it was all business. A transaction. Helping each other survive. Conserving body warmth. Even psychological support. When we were rescued by my father, by our fathers, that was the end of it. The same as that was the end of our fathers' cooperation. JASON That's all it meant to you? ALYCIA (Hesitates.) Was it supposed to mean more? JASON I was being honest with you. ALYCIA (Pauses a long moment.) You don't know the meaning of the word. At least you learned that from your father. Yes, That's all it was, Jason. I was not some romantic conquest of yours. I was never planning at crouching at the feet of the great Jason Quill. I am the daughter of Achilles Chin. That is the only legacy I seek. JASON I didn't think of you as a conquest! ALYCIA Of course you did. The Quill family has always been about winning, about conquering, about being the smartest, the most famous, the most renowned. JASON I thought of you as, maybe something more ... ALYCIA What, a friend? (LAUGHS) Oh, Jason, if I am only an AI, my sole regret is that the real Alycia will never be able to hear you say that corny line. JASON Really? ALYCIA It sounds so plaintive, so lonely. And what do you do to fix it? Look at this new little surrogate family, all things you wanted but never got. JASON Alycia, stop it. ALYCIA The younger, pliable little brother you never had. The boy who has the supportive extended family you lacked. The tinkerer who has the brains you didn't inherit. Even a girl you can never touch. JASON Stop it! ALYCIA It's all about compensation, Jason, isn't it? Trying to get something your own family -- Byron, Rusty, Amir, even your stupid little dog -- never gave you. The truth hurts, doesn't it? JASON It's better than being alone, and not even trying. Like you. ALYCIA Oh, Jason, that's all you'll ever be. Alone. I've gotten used to it. You will, too. Or maybe I need to rob you of even that illusion. Maybe I should take care of your "friends" first. JASON Don't you touch them. ALYCIA Oh, don't worry. You're my real target. I don't wouldn't intentionally hurt bystanders. Not too much at least. It's kind of tacky. JASON So, that's your great ambition? Your legacy? What happens when you kill me, you retire? Or go straight? Maybe go out for a Nobel Prize? ALYCIA I don't know. That's the one thing I haven't planned for. Everything else is ... well, proceeding accordingly. Ouch. JASON What? ALYCIA Your father's AV program is finally getting down to the core subroutines. And it's unlikley I'll ever be able to break in again. Anything else you wanted to ask me, or tell me, or emote at me, before I get scrubbed? JASON Why did you do this, Alycia? Why all this big trick getting into my nanobots? Is it because maybe you're lonely, too? Is it because you really just wanted a chance to talk? ALYCIA Oh, Jason, you aren't very smart after all. It wasn't about getting into your nanobots. It was about getting into your head. JASON Good-bye, Alicia.
This logically leads to a conversation with Link - and if you want to avoid burning session time, feel free to kick it off on forums or something.
Doyce T.
Sheet Author
&nbsp;Dave that was spectacular. Thank you. I love the Alycia model.
@Bill - That makes sense -- let me kick something off. Though he probably would have had that initial conversation with Link after the first video, before the second video came up.
@Doyce -&nbsp;Doyce, the timing of this second video is assumed (and timestamped) within a few days of the first, but it could arguably happen right on the tail of it or some time further along. Almost nothing presented in it is a "fact" aside from Jason's dynamics with the team not being substantially different from what they are as of the end of Issue 3 (all other "facts" are emotional interpretations or even possibly lies, from the speaker to the other or even potentially from the speaker to themselves). If a few days later, I assume that while there's been a big media foofoorah, nothing else of greater significance in the city has happened -- The One Who Hungers hasn't descended from the stars upon downtown, Hydromaximal hasn't marched his invading amphibian hordes through, G.I. Doe hasn't been contaminated by the Universal Dodecahedron and rewritten history to make Benito Mussolini the Eternal Dictator of the World, etc.
@Doyce - Thanks. The Muse jumped into my head, looking just like Alycia Chin, and said, " YOU WILL WRITE THIS NOW ." The Alycia model I sent is based off the image you've been using, which is spot on to the way I had seen her showing up, so yay.&nbsp; (I have this thought of Alycia still in charge of her father's vast science criminal empire, such as it is, but mostly to drain its resources on her vendetta and letting her father's lead henchfolk still run things day to day .... "But Mistress Chin, we need your approval --" "GO AWAY, I've just about figured out this carrier wave thingie." "But the Americans will get to the crashlanded alien vessel --" "Fine! Bring it here! I can use the technology for my killer robot." "But we could sell it to the North Koreans, intact, for twenty-five--" "I don't care about that, get me that ship, and get the hell out of my lab!" ... leading eventually to either a palace coup where she's kicked out violently because she's not focusing on whatever efforts were previously making them rich henchfolk, or else an attempted coup where she is confronted with actually having to kill the advisors who are railing at her to "get your head in the game," a la the drug lord's accountant in License to Kill, or John Bigboote in Buckaroo Banzai. I have no idea whether, faced with actually killing someone, she could/would; that particular probability cloud hasn't yet collapsed with having to happen.) (Of course, I can also see Alycia living solo, effectively living on the corpses of her father's schemes, moving from one of her father's safe houses to the next, basically living in science bunkers for weeks on end and eating e-rations and developing her schemes. That wouldn't lead to a very healthy mental attitude, either.)
Doyce T.
Sheet Author
I'm totally fine with the timing. I think it will make sense to jump things forward a day or two from where we left off, if only to make room for things people have sketched out for themselves. Also, that'll give the team time to find out Iconoclast didn't get away. :)
I'm more concerned (as Jason) about the public's reaction when the two villains who were carried off by the Team turn out to not be in custody anywhere (and, eventually, are known to be still at large).
Doyce T.
Sheet Author
Eh. Just another opportunity for people to post the revolving door meme gifs.
Except for all those folk who were claiming it was all rigged. Which rumors Jason would have been freaking outraged &nbsp;over.
Doyce T.
Sheet Author
Rewatching that video, I think it's clear there's a potential there for your labels to shift. So we're definitely going to run through that once we get back in the game next week.:-)
*** Dave H. said: @Bill - That makes sense -- let me kick something off. Though he probably would have had that initial conversation with Link after the first video, before the second video came up. Yeah, and nothing Link presents at this time would avert the second video either.
On a semi-related note, it amuses me to picture Alycia Chin reading Mr. Big's advice on this topic, on her own time:&nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Bill G. said: On a semi-related note, it amuses me to picture Alycia Chin reading Mr. Big's advice on this topic, on her own time:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> That is excellent stuff. (Sips coffee. Snorts. Rolls eyes. Switches to another tab. Switches back. Barks a laugh. Pauses. Raises an eyebrow. Vigorously shakes head. Snorts again, half strength. Rereads section. Shakes head slightly. Pauses. "As if." Considers leaving scathing comment. Closes tab. Reopens closed tab. Shares link with friend. Adds site to Twitter feed. Turns to the tech news. Realizes coffee is cold.)
Issue 4 - Jason Quill Postlude <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> FILE CODE QUILL FOUNDATION ARCHIVES TS+201709051809 PRIME SUBJECT ACCCODES JQ+BQ+BJ+XX CLASSINTTERM +214200905 MAXENCRYPT XREF *HEIR INITIATIVE* Transcriptishness: Hey Dad. This still feels weird, but, whatever. I'm going to be up late tonight, so I wanted to get this in before the guys come over. I've got a few things I need to tell you, and want to say. Back to school today. Felt like forever since last Friday. A big TV interview and a super-hero fight kind of make the weekend feel a bit longer. Especially since ... something freaky happened. I talked to Alycia. Well, not really. I'll get to that. But the real Alycia showed up at the end of the fight and told Harry that she was tracking my nanobots. Which really kind of sucks, but I think I have something figured out. More on Alycia in a minute. So what Alycia said kind of had me panicked, and after another one of those metacognitive episodes I told you about, I got really worried about the bots. Well, still am. But I ... talked with someone. Wish it was you, but you're not here. So I talked with Leo. Link. Rossum's son. Yeah, I know, I know, I can hear you right now. You and Rusty. Operational security and intellectual property and apples falling from trees. I know, I know. But ... he was nice. I mean, not in a creepy way. Not a "Tell me all your secrets" way.&nbsp;I think I can trust him. I think. I mean, I've got to trust someone. There's too much I need to work through. Alycia. The nanobots. You. And Harry's acting all weird. And Adam is, like, a kid. And he has enough problems on his plate. And Ghost Girl -- Charlotte -- she's not usually around for talking. Though every now and then I feel her presence, mostly when I think I'm alone, like, in the bathroom after a shower. Which is kind of creepifying, and I hope I'm imagining it. (Throat clearing.) And, yeah, there's not many other people I talk to. Except Barbara and Hannah, and they just wants to share PowerPoint decks about trust investments and Foundation financials. PowerPoint. Yeesh. Anyway, Link -- Leo -- he offered to help, and he already gave me some ideas. So since you're not here, I guess you don't get a say in it. And I need to figure this out, sooner rather than later. Alycia infected my nanobots with some sort of artificial intelligence. It talked with me. Or she talked with me. I still haven't figured out which. But she really played some mind games, and I have to come up with some way to defend myself. So I was going to do a deep dive in the computers for your notes about the bots, to see what I could do around how they communicate. But I also wanted to see if I could track down Alycia -- financial accounting records, equipment thefts, sightings. And it occured to me, I wondered if the nanobots she deactivated or cut off from me ... and jeez that hurt ... I wondered if they might still be active. So I ... did some stuff. I kind of drew on that connection I had had with them, and found a few were still recording. It's like some sort of weird "dark vision thing." I don't quite understand it, technically, but ... well, I got the information. Like, 24 hours of downloads. My head still hurts. Anyway, it was really weird. I saw and heard Alycia and what she said. She's got a serious amount of tech on her. I saw her attack Harry, and something happened between her electrical attack and his speed. He sort of just ... faded away. That kind of goes with what he said later about some sort of vision or dimension thing. It's all still really confusing. More on that later. Anyway so he's gone, so she leaves, and then the prison folk come and find Iconoclast and take her away. (Yeah, we got her. That should show some of those Twitter people.) (Should I go talk with her? It sounds like it's a target was a sort of opportunity kind of thing. I doubt she would tell me anything. Let the authorities deal with her.) So after the prison folk come, then AEGIS agents arrive, scanning everything. Those guys kind of give me the creeps. I know Rusty was from AEGIS, and I've seen them do a lot of good stuff, but I also know you sometimes had big disagreements with them about stuff you had invented.. So far, none of them have been allowed to take anything from the vaults, though I keep getting phone calls and emails, and Barbara says there have been some congressional hearings. But I've got your back there. So that happens, and I'm just letting the rest of the recording spool out when all of a sudden around 3 a.m. these hovercraft pull up and these guys in this high-tech retro outfits -- sort of steampunk meets Atlantis -- get ot and start checking out the area even more carefully than AEGIS. At least their stuff was more high tech. They paid a little attention to the nanobots, but were really, really interested in where Harry vanished. And that was the end of the infodump. And here's where it gets interesting, Dad. So my head is splitting, and I feel like I've lost something grabbing that information from those decaying nanobots, but it's useful information, and you always taught me that useful information is worth any sort of sacrifice. I know I've seen those outfits before, and once I'm no longer seeing nebulae in my vision, I remember where. They were Science Guards of the nation of Vyortivia, ruled by the Dread Queen. What's interesting is where I found that. It was on Google, on news sites. It's interesting, because I expected I would find something in your files, Dad. And there wasn't a thing. A major world force, weird science, *hovercraft*, and nothing in your files. Either there's information I can't get to, or there's information missing. And I'm not sure which I'm more worried about. Either there's data you didn't trust me with -- or I can't trust the data I have. Right now, I'm not sure who and what to trust. Or maybe I do. I'm going to share what I've with my friends. Let's see what they think. Because, really, they are the only ones I can count on right now. Good night, Dad.