Hello gamers! Another week, an another Community Corner! While it is certainly difficult to compete with our last week's announcement including Advanced Fog of War , we still have a few things we would like to share! Developer Spotlight! We have some quick fixes going out for forums and the Virtual Tabletop this week: Assigning transparent as default page background color should now work correctly. Dynamic Compendium URL depending on environment for drag and drop in the editor Fix links in marketplace emails (purchase confirmations, etc) Add report button to LFG posts Fix an error where the 'Success' message wasn't displaying properly when addons were updated Add a proper 404 error page Community Highlights! We have two character sheets this week- Ghost Lines and Delta Green! Ghost Lines This sheet was created by Tim Denee and plexsoup and made as close as possible to the original paper sheet! Delta Green This sheet was created by dhatcher and Marco M. who made a quite versitile sheet that includes roll templates, auto calculations for will power reduction, as well as damage reduction due to armor and cover! Pathfinder Companion Script We also have a new companion script for the Pathfinder Neceros Sheet! On the Marketplace! This week on the marketplace we are kickin it new school- retro style! We have some pixel spaceships as well as some map tiles for mapping out the inside! Critical Pixel Space Pack 2 by Zeshio We have some awesome looking spaceships and space stations included in this pack for all your sci-fi exploration needs! Pixels and Dragons in SPAAAACE - Spaceship Modules by Dsurion Is your party of space pirates itching to grab some loot? Or maybe they have happened across a distress beacon for an abandoned ship. You can quickly make an encounter for a plethora of scenarios with this map tile set! Thus brings us to an end for this community corner! Good luck in your adventures! -Drespar