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Why Vote?

Its seems to me that the voting for suggestion(s) is basically a waist of time. In one years time I have yet to see more than  few suggestion be implemented by Roll20. Bug fixes yes, but suggestions - well not much. Even some of the most simplest ideas, 'low hanging fruit', has not been implemented. Instead of focusing all efforts only on the top 5 or top 10 and ignoring the others, how about having 1 or 2 developers look at the easy stuff that can be implemented. At least doing some of that 'low hanging fruit'; would prove that Roll20 takes the suggestions seriously. Sure would make me feel that something is being done. No meed the blast me on this; it is just my, and my fellow Roll20 players, opinion is all.

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Everyone knows the voting system was implemented to help prioritize the community's desires.  Best intentions, however one of the the biggest issues has to be the sheer number of suggestions/similar suggestions/overlapping suggestions/multi-selections. It's just a mess.  Even when you point out that someone's suggestion is similar to another, many users refuse to compromise by removing or revamping their suggestion and supporting another.  Truly a mess.  Also, just because a suggestion has the highest vote count doesn't necessarily mean it can or should be implemented.  Roll20 is in business and must make constant evaluations on how to best delegate it's resources.  It's the ultimate sim game.  Not sure what the solution is.  I agree that handling some of the easier suggestions would be better than nothing...  Maybe roll20 should gave us a 1000 additional votes to help get a bigger separation of the data? ;-P
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It's a business, the only way for us to actually vote an implementation is with our wallets. There are plenty who are unhappy just like you are, vote with your wallet and boycott any cool new features that require payment. The update of holding was the last good update you will ever see...
Can I use my vote to down vote this?
I've stayed away from the Suggestion forum for some time due to this reason, but now I see some items are marked as "In Development", etc, which I don't remember seeing in the past: So I'm now a bit more hopeful...?
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Not to hijack, but more, I'm out of votes and frankly a bit tired of roll20 anyways... Why not use something like Yahoo's Answers board in the suggestions? As you type up your suggestion, a scroll on the right comes up saying something to the effect of "We found these suggestions that appear to be similar" followed by a list of suggestions that match a certain amount of keyword criteria. (This, in correlation to Aaron's response) I agree that voting appears to be relatively useless anyways. The development team have repeatedly proven that, well, they're going to do what their pocket-books tell them, and people will like it or not. I get it, it's a business, I'm not shaming or calling out. But that being said, if you're going to have a suggestion forum at all, you need to have a developer revamp it to be somewhat more organized and useful, and then you need to have them monitor it. Why? Because communication. If you can't do a suggestion because it's impossible to implement with your system, we need to freaking know that so people will stop wasting votes on it and re-suggesting it umpteen hundred times. If something is doable, but isn't popular, yet, it needs to be marked as such so people know that it isn't a waste of time to vote for it if they really want it. The "In Development" tag is a good start, but it's like putting ketchup on the kitchen counter: you forgot the plate, the bun, the patty and the vegetables so, what's the ketchup going on? To this extent, make these tags, and section up the forum with them, so people can quickly peruse the "not possible right now" stuff, the "being worked on" stuff, and the "needs votes if you want it" stuff. Look, I get that people generally won't address a problem as a problem until someone starts having a problem with it. But people have been saying stuff like this for 2+ years now and you guys haven't fixed it or even really tried to do anything other than slap some kind of participation sticker on it. I literally invented that simple and relatively easy to implement system I described above in 12 minutes while intoxicated and sleep deprived. Why is a company whose focus is "supposedly" this stuff, not able to do that much in 2 years? And if you did come up with an idea like this, again, COMMUNICATE! We aren't mind readers. I apologize if this sounds a bit frustrated and exasperated, but, well, it sounds that way because I am. You guys have already dumped a plethora of old forums, revamp this one or dump it and make something, not broken. Also, your voting system is a broken idea. Break up vote tallies by "free", "plus", and "pro". What's the point of even giving paying customers more "voice" if they're voice isn't worth anything more? Even if it still isn't, if people can see, "oh, hey, pro users really want this" or, "free users seem to really be pushing for this" it kind of lends a heavier voice even if only within the community for people to understand which community said suggestion is likely to most impact. And if you do go that route, just give people voting power, don't limit it to X votes per Y increment of time. If you want realistic feedback on what people want, you can't tell them to prioritize their voice. Your job is to prioritize, not ours. We vote X and Y and Z, you figure out what can be done in what order and let us know. I was going to add a snarky comment here but, I realized after typing it out that it was needlessly rude and probably only seemed like a good idea because of whiskey. Just, let us know you're listening, yeah? Let us know whether or not you care. The community of this site does a lot of work to keep the community alive, healthy and prosperous for us all, and, while this may not be true, it feels, sometimes, like we're the only ones who care enough to keep putting the effort into it. I could go into numerous details of why I feel this way, but if you guys do a little soul searching, I'm sure you can figure most of it out. Help us help you. We want to thrive. We want you to thrive. But you have to communicate where you are and where you stand on things for us to know how we can help. The Community Corner seemed like it was going to be a good thing. It's not. Yay, you made bug-fixes, some guy made stuff to sell us, and another guy put his heart and soul into building a new sheet that people are going to endlessly complain about having bugs, because they don't understand that it was made a guy who paid you to make it for you and you didn't make it nor do you fix it. You made some new module/book implement/etc and are charging a ridiculous price for it, because "hard work". I'm sorry, I'm just not buying it anymore. I've sunk thousands of hours into the stuff I've built for roll20 and all I get is snarky feedback on github about using the wrong line endings or exasperated copy/paste blocks of "yeah... so I'm gunna need you to come in on Monday...." (read as: we need you to pay more/work more/learn more and you aren't getting anything out of it that you weren't getting in the first place) This has drug on a bit more than I intended, and if it gets deleted for being off-topic so be it. I hope someone who can use this stuff sees it though.
Yup. I've wanted a new color picker for quite a while now and there are plenty of ready made options out there that they could just drop in with not too much work. Many of the color pickers would add transparency options as well to auras, drawings, and tints.
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I'd really love to spend all my suggestions for this topic and I'd really love to read any reaction from the devs towards this. Especially SFX is just casting a Detect Thoughts-spell on me.
I could not agree more. It really looks like the 'Suggestion & Ideas' is really not high on Roll20's list of things to do or even consider. They do not even do the simple and easy ones like the 'Low Fruit' Tom has referred to. I have pulled most of my already used votes as it is very obvious to me that they will not happen in my lifetime, or at all. Just venting and learning to live with it - I do not expect anythign more.
Looks like No suggestions at all have been published or even considered in some time now since Fog of War advanced (or whatever it is calle) for some time now., The updates dress Big fixes which is good then spend 99% talking Compendium updates and what is for sale. New ideas come in but NOTHING has been done at all (well that is how it appears to myself and my friends). Ideas are good!!! Doing nothing about them, even the easy ones, make me wonder why I would bother anymore.. Don't get me wrong, I like Roll20 and to me is the better of the VTTs but I sure would love to see some of those idea implemented. I have many ideas but I do not want to waste my time.
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Closing this thread to refund votes.  We are using the Suggestions forum (in example, several of the elements marked "Long Term" are actively being researched and assigned to staff), but with a sustainable development cycle in mind. Additionally, we continue to make behind-the-scenes improvements to our development capabilities that will allow for increased speed of releases in the future.