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[LFP] Adventurers League DDAL07-01 Parts 1 and 2 - 9/8 at 8pm CT

Don't be discouraged if you see many signed up ahead of you if this is your first seeing this adventure. First timers get priority. The following game has been added. DDAL07-01 Parts 1 and 2 A City on the Edge (1-4) on 2017-09-08 at 8pm CT GM Name: Thomas Christy GM E-Mail: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> DM Software: Roll20 Voice Software: Skype Sign up At: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> (make sure you do not have any filters turned on) DDAL07-01 Parts 1 and 2 (1-4): Often called the “Gateway to Chult”, the exotic city of Port Nyanzaru is built upon a landscape both mystifying and marvelous. However, the city’s vibrant beauty is overshadowed by a mysterious scourge that plagues all within the land. Can the divergent forces within the city discover the truth before all are overcome by this growing threat? Two One-Hour Adventures (allow for Three-Hours and ensure you are not in an overlapping game) for 1st-4th (1st) Level Characters. By Rich Lescouflair. Software: Roll20 and Skype. No purchase required. Token and macro setup done for you. Seating Order: Max of 5 players with seating order assigned as follows: 1st) first time playing/seeing this adventure and send character info 24 hours before game; 2nd) send character info 24 hours before game; and 3rd) first to send character info if under 24 hours before game (must send info minimum of 2 hours before game). Sign up order is used as a tie breaker for groups 1-2. Each person must sign up for own spot. Character Info: Send character sheet, logsheets, and image to use for token (if you have one). Make sure you check all this very carefully before sending. If it is complete and error free, you will start with inspiration.
still spots open. sign up at <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>