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Hawthorne DND Guild EST and GMT +0

A few different DMs are setting up a persistent world based around a guild being set up in the destroyed town of Lerwick. An influx of magical energies caused many creatures to be driven towards this area and caused the destruction of the town. This is a persistent world set up in Faerun, the town based east of Waterdeep. We host 5e games and are more than happy to bring in new players and teach them to play and possibly DM as well if they wish. We allow Unearthed Arcana with a few restrictions so All the more choices of characters to play, and DMs will host anytime they are free in a persistent world, so pick up games happen and so do Campaigns with specific players at specific times. Entirely plug and play games can happen or you can be focused more into campaigns. Characters are tracked through Google Drive, so a valid google email is needed, and DMs will usually hold games on Roll20 or do Theater of the mind. The games are hosted on a discord server for voice chat. Text is accepted if you don't have a microphone, up to DM discretion. If you're interested in joining check out: Discord Server: We have most time zones covered, but our two main ones are EST and GMT When first approaching the town from afar, you can't help but think "this is it?". To your eyes, there is not much more than ruins ahead of you. As you near closer, a few meager houses are seen, most of which are vacant. The largest building appears to be a barracks and only consists of two rooms. From the southern ruins of Lewrick you see smoke rise and to those with good hearing, you can occasionally make out the sound of metals clanging against each other and the ember of a forge crackling. As you near the center of town, more and more tents are seen. Various people from all walk of life hustle about. A gnomish mage, a goblin, a man heavily armored, and many other faces greet you. At the center of town you find clusters of tens sparactically spaced. People moving in and out at times, some gather in groups to converse, while others hold hushed whispers glancing over their shoulder. To the south of the smaller tents lies a much more grand one. Any adventurer could point it out as the center of the Hawthorn Guild. This expansive tent hold the leaders of the guild - people meet and converse here over contracts, growth, and any other dealings that concerns the adventures. If you enter, you'll be greeted with a smile and welcome. "The town is small, but we have potential. This guild is close. We protect each other, and can have a laugh while doing it. It can be dangerous work, but, we promise it is worth it. If you're willing to take the risk, then welcome! If not, stay safe."

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Great server, great DMs and great players!
Nine said: Great server, great DMs and great players! Thanks man we try hard.
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