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       Evil finds itself taking many forms. It may not be obvious, or visible, but it's always there... Time for sessions : FLEXIBLE, you tell me what times you're free and I'll schedule the game to meet your needs!  Length of Campaign: From what I can predict, this campaign will run for almost a year. This is a quite a rough estimate though. Looking for players?: We're currently looking for one more player to join. Apply on our campaigns main page HERE! WORLD INFO  Fantasy style world, with mechanics from an MMO. (Respawning, raid bosses, roll for rarer loot, etc) Only two known Gods exist. Heaven, the goddess of fertility and growth, and Hell, the god of destruction and decay. They both rule as the leaders of two separate factions, the Founders, and the Reavers. These Gods left markings of their presence on the land obvious to those who live upon it. Remnants of the most recent war in the land's history between these two Gods can still be found scattered through the isolated forests. TWO FACTIONS RULES OVER THE EARTH TO THIS DAY:  The Founders: Consists mostly of races that players can choose from in the beginning. They construct kingdoms and fight back the unpredictable power of the Reavers. Most Founders are common folk who seek no power, or quarrel. They mind their business within towns constructed solely to create and fund further strength to the nation.  The Reavers: Evil races that seek the destruction of all things non Reaver. The strongest opposing force towards the Founders, Reavers act more as individual groups within their faction rather than a single entity. This makes them weaker as a whole, but tough to understand and commute with. Want more info on the campaign? Check out our LFG post! For now though, here's a few pics on what you can expect during sessions. *Roll20 disclaimer* ‚ÄúThis game will require payment to the Game Master at a rate $4 USD per player per 4 sessions via PayPal. Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements." Don't let the price discourage you from joining! This campaign is by far the cheapest and most in-depth original game you'll fine for your money. If you're serious about joining a real campaign, then consider this one. Hope to hear from some of you soon!

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Do you have more technical info, like stat array, what character sheet we'd use, race/class/feat limits, and so on?
Yep, our players can choose either the stat array, or they can roll stats and re-roll the lowest dice. We use the OGL, but that's mostly because the majority of players on Roll20 prefer it. We currently have three players, and one NPC main character. As I control one of the characters they're not really considered to be one.  We allow all UA and homebrew so long as I can view it first; gotta keep things fair! Two feats max is good, anything more might get hectic. Every race and class is allowed. The campaign is already a few sessions in, but it's early enough to still have long lasting companions join the group. I don't have a real plan on what level our group may end at, but if it'll be how long I expect the campaign to go, you could bet 15-20. Every time a new character is added I make sure to give them their little own session 0 to make sure everyone can get to know them. Our game is voice only, so let yours be heard! No encumbrance. Multiclassing is allowed to any extent. There aren't any true cardinal sins. One outside of the game is that you don't swear consistently, as I'm a clean mouth, so you'll make the encounters less interesting and dramatic then they should be.  House rules: all Tiny Characters have little pocket dimensions where they can fit any item labeled normal or smaller in size. Characters can hold any amount of items unless I feel that they're really packing on weight that shouldn't be logical. (such as holding 20 longswords, carrying a dozen tents, etc) Sometimes I place the characters in a large map for free exploration. You cannot move your token super far distances in one move. You might spoil more of the map than you should. RP: I commonly make combat feel like a guilt than a pleasure. Characters are enticed to think before they act in any combat, and all situations. The group members are bonded by a common goal, and they grow bonds with eachother to strengthen their teamwork and understanding of one another. This campaign will last roughly a year. If players are enjoying it the game may stretch longer. I take pride in my flexibility for the players. Anywhere they wish to go is possible, so long as they have the determination to reach it. The only limit in this campaign is your imagination. Additional info: I take time personally with every player to go through their backstories, their motives, and goals after every session. I encourage strong backstories to ensure players have a reason and belief to continue on their quest. Mostly I give them secret knowledge of the world so they have info to play with as the campaign continues. Players are always free to PM me if they'd like to talk about anything. Our campaign is half way based around Anime, and I used to RP with furry characters. Personally I'm fine with it. We use discord. Skype is meh in comparison. Faerun Factions is a new thing to me, I'd love to hear more about it from you if that'd be fine. Trinkets make RPing that much more interesting. Every item can be collected and used in some bizarre way. Players in our campaign are largely the main world shapers. Even in the earlier stages of the game, the power and origins of them have already shaped the world around them. One of our players is astonished at how detailed I managed to make his backstory become already. I love hearing his astounded voice when I revealed some pretty sly traits regarding their character. In general, backstories and character development is what I went to college to learn how to create. I major game design. Our characters are level 2, so that shouldn't be too tall of a ladder. Alignment was never a tight ship for me. Players can change as they see fit. I don't see what's stopping a murderous crook from turning a new leaf after hiding his identity from the law enforcement.  Hope I could answer your questions, I'd love to talk to you more about some of the stuff you mentioned, because it seems you really know your stuff. Here's the link to join our public discord channel for 'the hallow'. TTYL :)
id love to join you im a experienced player an i hope ican join please pm me if you have any questions.
can i join its sound fun
I sent you both PMs to the campaign's main page! Hope to see your applications soon.
I have just  the character in mind for this! This seems right up my alley! :)  I would love to join! Discord: Rookie#4707
Seems cool
When are you thinking?
We'll be having our sessions on any time that fits EVERY player! Everyone is accomidated so we can play at a time that works for them. If you'd like to join before session 2, make an application before 10/9/2017 and I'll invite you in!