Can not roll dice


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Myself and my players get this error whenever anyone tries to make a roll. Refreshing did not help, this has been happening for 4 hours so far.  This campaign is on the development server. I'm using Chrome on Windows 7. I believe all my players are on windows machine and are using a variety of browsers. Chrome and Safari. 

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Roll20 Team
Hi Catnip Addict, Are you still experiencing this issue? Thank you!
Hey Drespar,  I just checked it today and I do still seem to be getting the issue.  Thanks
We do have another session tomorrow so if there is anything we can do to fix it by then please let me know, thanks. 
I have confirmed it's working in other campaigns on the development server, but not the one we are actually using. 
Sheet Author
Make sure everyone is using Chrome or FF. (no other browsers are supported) Are you using any extensions that may be interfering?  If so, try disabling them and reloading the game. You can try checking the status of the QuantumRoll server here: 

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It's not working in both Chrome and FF. Nor is it working for any of the players. One of which I know for sure is not using any extensions. It appears to be just an issue with this specific campaign not the servers. I can roll fine in other campaigns. I also don't seem to be able to clone the campaign, unless it's just taking an extraordinary long amount of time. Like...40+ minutes. 
Roll20 Team
Sorry for the late reply! Copying the campaign should not take that long, it should time out after a few. What is the name of the campaign that you are experiencing this issue in? If you like, you can email us at with a link to the game details page.
No worries, I was actually out of town myself and am just getting to this. I did email them with both the link to the campaign details and this forum post, however it does actually seem to be working now, go figure. At least the rolling is. I have not attempted to clone the campaign again.