Question for people running princes of the apocalypse


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Hello, I bought the book of princes of the apocalypse some time ago, and my group recently decided that meeting in person was too much of an ordeal with kids and stuff. So they told me HEY! Lets switch to roll 20! And i'm like heum... do you have any idea how much work it would take me to transfer all my maps and stuff to roll20?.... So here is the question... Since I didnt found anything on the market place, is there someone out there who made the quest in roll20 who could share his/her maps with me? Hell I would pay for it if I have too... XD  Don't hesitate to pm me if you can help ;-) P.S. Sorry if my post is not in the right section of the forum, I was not sure where to post it and thought it was the more apropriate place for it, I might have been wrong...
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This is toeing right up to the line regarding the CoC and posting guidelines for this forum. So long as there are no links to outside sales or outside sources, the community can direct you to Marketplace content suitable to the module, and Marketplace artists can contact you about commissioned work. Roll20 has stated that they have an interest in bringing as much WotC content to the platform as possible, so check back often. Please be aware that anything beyond the above (things that don't relate directly to Roll20) would be better asked elsewhere. Here are some good places: /r/rpg /r/dnd