Hello again gamers, and welcome to the 23rd Community Corner! Before we jump into the typical things we have a few announcements and updates for everyone. Tomb of Annihilation! You can now pick up Tomb of Annihilation on our Marketplace for $49.95 The first episode of Roll20 Presents Tomb of Annihilation will be live on twitch.tv/dnd today, September 8th! Tune into future episodes on Fridays from 2PM-5PM Pacific. DM-in-Residence Adam Koebel will lead adventuring party BlueJay, DistractedElf, Dave the Human, and CommutingCrow into the fearsome land of Chult. Using the Roll20 module of Tomb of Annihilation , they'll explore a dangerous new country and the many perils that lie within. Merchandise! Shirts are printed and now being sorted at our warehouse, but jerseys are lagging behind. We're keeping everyone who ordered from Merch of ORR in-the-loop via email, so stay tuned as to when your gear will be shipping. Esports! Roll20 esports continues to turn heads in the Heroes Global Championship League, breaking off 12 game wins in a row . If you'd like to learn more about the team's players, we're currently partnering with Trentesports on a series of interviews with the squad . Developer Spotlight! Fixed a bug that was causing all LFP listings to be flagged as new Allow creators to access modules and addons for which they are the author. You can check out more bug fixes and changes here:  Weekly Patch Notes #4 Hi rollers, quick update today. We're rapidly approaching the Fog and Functionality launch at the end of this month. The team's focus is split between the new games we'll be officially supporting in conjunction with our licensed partners and the Advanced Fog of War feature. The Compendium updates are in their final polish stage. A piece of it that I can talk about today is the 5E OGL sheet will be getting a major overhaul. We'll be pushing that to our Dev server, along with some sheetworker changes that the new sheets will take advantage of, in the next few days. I hope fans of the sheet will go and check it out the new features and let us know if they run into any bugs. Things are coming together nicely and we're in the planning stages of our next major feature. Something I hope we'll be able to tease sometime shortly after the Fog and Functionality update. Until next week, happy rolling! - Steve, Lead Developer Community Highlights! This week for character sheets we have The Morrow Project by Walt Shumate. This sheet should provide you with everything you need to get your game on in 4th edition! In the world of API Scripts we have a pretty cool addition to our library nammed Carry Tokens by Stephen Lindberg. This script allows you to set tokens to carry each other, either as a character holding an item, or as a mount carrying a rider. On the Marketplace! The Leaky Barrel Tavern & Inn by David Hemenway One can never have enough tavern settings for adventure prepping & all the things that will inevitably go wrong before stepping a foot outside the door. The Leaky Barrel Tavern & Inn is a fantastic addition to the marketplaces' tavern lineup. Temple-on-Demand Tile Pack by Wolpertinger Press Who doesn't need a temple to heal, gather info, or be abducted by a vampire cult? The Temple-on-Demand Tile Pack has you covered for all emergencies. And thus ends another Community Corner! Have a great weekend everyone, and good luck on everyone's adventures!* *Those of you in Chult are gonna need it! -Drespar