[LFP]'s Weekly D&D - Monday's 10:30am Pacific time

All races and classes from official Wizards products will be allowed. Roll for stats. Homebrew world with usual 5E rules. This game will focus more on role-play than fighting. You are members of a caravan working for Florentin's Wagons located in Murkwood. A day before the party was meant to leave on their first delivery the human knight hired to guard your caravan is found murdered. Your boss, a gnome name Tallia Florentin finds herself locked in prison. She is suspected of killing Sir Ellixtar and his squire Griff a Tabaxi. As part of the investigation and since they worked for her the party has been placed under house arrest pending a further investigation. Trapped in the house the murder occurred in can you solve the mystery so as to get on with the rest of your adventure?
For those in Londontown the time would be 
hello i would like to join i have some experience with 5e
I've sent you a PM. 
I'd like to join, I have experience as both a warrior and an investigator with much roleplaying experience.
Would you mind sending me a PM with you discord info?
Is a microphone required when joining? :0c I have more of a preference of RPing through Text and whatnot, or just not using the mic altogether. o vo)a
Although there is no video we will be using voice. 
For those wondering it will be played over roll20 using discord for voice. 
Ah okay! o vo)/ I might  be interested, I just have noisy residents and would hate to disturb the party with excess background noise and dampen the game's environment which is why I was asking! ^ - ^
Push to talk seems to take care of most issues. Send me a PM if interested. 
id also like to join im pretty famialr with 5e
My brave adventurers are not currently in a position to accept a new party member. However, they will be hopefully be in a position to do so Monday after next. Those still interested should send me a PM.